Saturday, 28 January 2017

Advantages a Catering Business Can Secure When Sourcing From a Food and Beverage Distributor

Most catering businesses are required to be creative with their menu to satisfy the distinct preferences of every client. In order to effectively do this, it’s imperative for them to have reliable sources for ingredients.

There are many different places to source food and beverage products from. Catering businesses rely on local farms and food producers, especially if they’re all about supporting the local agriculture and food industry.

Aside from this, local sources are popular because getting produce and other products from them ensures the freshest quality and a much lower cost of logistics (which provides catering businesses the opportunity to offer their services at much lower, more attractive rates – a solid marketing tactic).

A food and beverage distributor is another source. The best advantage this source provides is convenience because it has a vast range of products that a catering business needs. Shopping is made easier because of the abundance of different kinds and brands of ingredients.

Not only that, but since food and beverage distributors service more businesses, they usually have an online store that allows catering businesses to better compare options so that clients’ requirements can be met appropriately. With a few clicks, all the important details about certain products are presented in order for clients to make a fully informed purchase decision every time.

Another important advantage of working with such a food company, UAE catering businesses say, is the certainty of uniformity. Consistency in taste, texture and appearance is key for food businesses’ success. By sourcing from food and beverage distributors that always have stocks of the same kinds and brands of ingredients, achieving a consistent taste for in-demand menu items is rarely going to be a problem for catering businesses.

It is also worth mentioning that these companies have reliable food delivery programs. Clients don’t have to go out of their way to pick up their orders, and they can easily track orders to make sure that everything will arrive on time. Companies with several distribution centers are even better — not only are they particularly quicker when it comes to getting orders to intended destinations, but they can also negotiate smart product distribution with their centers so the cost of delivery is minimized.

And lastly, they have impeccable quality control processes. If there is a contamination outbreak, they know exactly where the product came from and they can react quickly to rectify the situation so that their clients’ businesses will not be greatly inconvenienced.

About the author: Karren Colstone works as a food critic. She has been in this field for five years now. Her specialty is desserts but she also has a background in other types of food. When she is not writing, she maintains a blog about food. She shares her experiences in dining at different kinds of restaurants. Furthermore, she imparts her knowledge about food catering and preparation to her readers. She visits sites like

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