Sunday, 29 January 2017

Upgrading the Lunch Buffet – Dubai Caterers Share Tips

Sometimes, it's the small things that can make a big difference.
A lunch buffet, Dubai locals know, is a pretty straightforward thing: You serve food to your guests. However, by following these simple tips listed by one of the best caterers in Dubai, you can enhance the overall experience of your party guests, allowing you to satisfy their tummies while helping you make a good impression.
People move in groups
You'd think that people going to the buffet table will move in an orderly fashion. But more often than not, people move in groups without minding the fact that they may be impeding the movement in the buffet area.
Here, your goal is to demarcate the space in and around the buffet area. Set a starting and end point while allowing for some extra space. This facilitates the optimal flow of party guests. It is also a good idea to separate the drinks from the food to help spread the crowd thin.
Set a different table for drinks
Talk to the company offering party catering services to set a different table for the drinks. For one, this will help prevent crowding at the buffet table. Also, it makes it easier for guests to get a refill.
Ideally, this table should be placed near the kitchen because containers for drinks are usually heavier and this makes clean up easier.
Put cutlery at the end of the table
The start of the buffet table is the best place to put the plates. However, cutlery should be placed at the other end. This prevents the guests from unnecessarily holding unwieldy objects while in line at the buffet. Or better yet, place the spoon, fork and knives at the guest tables.
Create different access points
Going back to the earlier statement, people tend to move in groups during parties. Another way to prevent people from crowding up in one area is to create different points of access. For example, instead of stacking all the napkins in one bunch in one area, create at least three stacks. This will allow multiple guests to get napkins at one point.
Know the optimal placement of food

Dishes which are plentiful or cheapest should be placed at the start of the line while the fewest or most expensive ones should go to the other end of the line. Then, if you notice some dishes are being skipped, move these closer to the start of the line.

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