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What Parents Of New Drivers Should Know About The RAA Drivers Learner’s Test

Learning how to drive takes time, effort and discipline. It’s not just about operating a vehicle, but also about being familiar with road rules and etiquette and acquiring smart and timely responses. The information, skills and know-how student drivers pick up from driving school do not only enable them to travel from point A to point B – they can even save lives, including their own.

Thus, while you can spare some time to teach your kid driving tricks and technique in an empty lot or a deserted street, it is also recommended that you make them learn within a structured learning system, under the guidance of professionals, for a complete, up-to-date and well-rounded new driver’s education.

Theory test: Preparation tips
Earning a driver’s license, Adelaide Eastern Suburbs experts say, requires mastery of both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The theory test is a required step to determine the student driver’s awareness of road rules and road safety. Passing this test allows them to move to the next step, which is to apply for a learner’s permit.

Driving instructors list the following tips on preparing for the theory test:
Review the reading materials and guidebook the driving school may have provided
Review The Driver’s Handbook, available in electronic and print form from the RAA
Ask the driving instructor if you need help understanding or clarifying a concept
Practise for your test via the RAA Drivers learner’s test

Online learner’s test: Practice makes perfect
The RAA Drivers learner’s test consists of the Give Way and Theory (Multiple Choice) sections. For the Give Way section, the student will be presented with eight give way situations, and all eight should be answered correctly to pass the test. For the Multiple Choice, the passing score is 32 correct answers out of 42.

The student can go to the RAA website to take the practice tests. Experts confirm that the questions posted online are exactly the same as the questions in the official test. Knowing the answers to the online questions gives the student driver a good chance of passing the official exam.

The road to learning
Everyone has his or her own learning styles – some students can pass the official test on the first try while others need a retake (or several retakes) to finally pass. A good driving instructor, SA experts say, should be able to employ the specific learner strategies that suit the student driver, according to his or her learning ability, stock knowledge, study habits, reading and comprehension skills.

About the author: Calvin John McPhee is an educational consultant and writer. He frequently writes articles about behavioral or emotional difficulties, educational tips and other educational topics. As of now, he also visits to know more about effective driving lessons.
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