Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tips On Securing Jobs In Oman

Although the country of Oman does not really get a lot of attention as a career destination for foreign professionals compared to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, a large percentage of the country’s workforce is actually composed of foreign workers. About a quarter of Oman’s total population is made up of expats who enjoy the warm weather, the less conservative culture of the nation, and the friendliness of locals. Another major attraction would have to be the abundance of job opportunities for foreign workers, plus the fact that securing a job here does not require very strict requirements as opposed to other Middle Eastern countries.

For those who are looking to secure jobs in Oman, however, there are some important guidelines to follow beyond the usual technical stuff such as procuring the necessary documents for employments such as visa, work permits, a letter from the Omani employer, bill of good health, etc. According to recruitment agencies, it’s advantageous to secure employment prior to coming to the country because most foreign workers opt for that route and big multinational companies tend to get their supply workers through recruitment companies to streamline the process. Overall, it’s just so much more convenient to come to the country with a solid offer already in place.
Another helpful tip would be to improve communication skills. English is the most widely spoken language within the professional scene so for those who are not fluent in the international language, it’s imperative to brush up on English. The country’s business culture is forged by friendship and trust and it would be hard to gain somebody’s confidence and trust if you cannot completely understand each other. Learning basic Arabic has also been proven to be an advantage because Arabs like to do business in a friendly manner.

Showing respect for the dominant religious belief will prove to be beneficial as well because the Islamic religion is still closely tied with the lifestyle, business principles, and laws of the nation.  Live uprightly, obey their laws, respect their traditions and trouble with steer clear from you.

Working in Oman can be the best career choice for it can really launch your professional career.  The experience of working for some of the biggest companies in the world is already a major advantage, plus jobs in Oman offer a lot of benefits. It’s quite common for employment contracts to come with a really competitive salary, a company car for easy transportation, health insurance, and free housing, but perhaps the most attractive perk is the low level of tax that will allow you to get the most out of your hard work’s payout. So, don’t consider the small lifestyle changes necessary for working in Oman as sacrifices; rather, view them as the most reliable ways of securing an advantage within the professional scene. 

About The Author: Calvin John Mcphee specializes in the Education sector. But during his spare time, he loves to research and share knowledge he acquires through writing. Calvin recommends for hassle free job search.

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