Monday, 20 January 2014

Monterey Hotels Make Weekend Getaways To The Bay Area More Fulfilling

California’s Bay Area is a frequent destination for local and foreign tourists; it has such a dynamic culture due to the great population of immigrants who mix their traditional lifestyles with progressive American ways. The New Year is especially a great time to visit because of the nice weather as well as the Asians’ celebration of the Lunar New Year. There are festivities all over celebrating the Asian heritage of many locals and everybody else likes to take part in the colorful and meaningful tradition of the large Asian community; there are fireworks displays, dragon dances, and a bounty of yummy treats.

In Monterey Bay, however, many are projected to come for occasions other than the Lunar New Year celebrations. Winter holds a lot of promise especially for people who like to observe the healthy marine life; from the start of December all the way until May, tourists join the Whale Watch. The Gray Whale population that migrates past the Monterey coastline during this period is a much awaited attraction that draws people from all over to the area. Young and old marvel at the great leviathans that dive, resurface and sometimes even perform water acrobatics; seeing them do that in open water definitely beats the choreographed performances of smaller whales in Sea World.

To accommodate the onslaught of tourists during the winter, Monterey hotels offer attractive deals – everything from discounted rates to stay packages are available – that are perfect for families on a budget and those who really just want a completely stress-free getaway. Internet-savvy folks can just type “Monterey hotel deals” on their browsers and see the available provisions that they can take advantage of that would allow them a fuller experience (like the ones that include transportation, tour packages, and discounted fees to important sights) or substantial savings on accommodations. Or they can type in “Monterey, CA hotels” to find accommodations closest to the places they wish to visit, such as those near the aquarium, the beach, the shopping district, the Fisherman’s Wharf, the botanical garden, etc.

Most hotels in the area have received top marks for their facilities and service. Some even allow their guests to bring their furry, four-legged family members and offer pet services, too, so if you’re thinking of visiting the Bay Area this winter to take part in the different celebrations, see the whales journeying to warmer waters, or just to take in the sights, look up hotel accommodations in Monterey that will fit your budget and offer you a stress-free vacation.

About the author: Mildred Grace is a passionate traveler. She is also a content creator who writes articles about destination trips, landscapes, beaches, culture, tradition and other topics about traveling. As of now, she visits to know more about the ideal hotel and accommodation.
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