Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Inside The Dart Board Cabinet – Essential Items Needed For Setting Up A Dart Room

Darts is a popular game, not only in pubs but also in a wide variety of settings for numerous reasons. First, investments are fairly minimal. After finding suitable dartboards and a set of darts that are perfect for your style of play, you do not need to buy more dart supplies save for a few upgrades, like a dart board cabinet. Second, a playing area for darts can be set up in a variety of places as long as there is ample room (which is fairly minimal) and safety precautions are put into place. Third, almost anyone can play darts, male or female, adults or kids. Unlike other sports where the faster, stronger or taller player has a distinct advantage, skill takes precedence. Fourth, darts can be played by a theoretically infinite number of players, unlike other sports which may only be played by a specific, finite number of players.

If you want to play competitively and improve your game, you should definitely consider setting up your dart room so you can practice whenever you have free time.

The first thing that you need to acquire is a suitable dartboard. Choose those which have diamond wires and those that utilize a blade style over ones that have chrome wires. The former are chosen by pros because they can significantly reduce bounce outs. And in order to get more value out of your investment in a dartboard, it is crucial that you know how to take care of it. One simple way to maintain a dartboard is to rotate it on a regular basis — daily, weekly or any other interval, depending on how often you practice.

It is also important to know the correct distances when setting up your dartboard. The distance between the floor and the center of the bull should be 68 inches, the distance between the dartboard and the toeline should be 93 1/4 inches, and the diagonal from the center bull to the toe line should be 115 3/8 inches.
After taking care of these, you are ready to play. However, there are other additions you might want to consider to add to this basic setup. First, you might want to install some lights to let you see the dartboard better. Second, adding a carpet or any other soft floor covering will protect both your darts and your floor. Finally, consider investing in a scoreboard, especially when you intend to play with a few of your mates on a regular basis. Apart from bragging rights, this helps avoid unnecessary disputes.

About the Author: Henry Briggs is a freelance writer and sports enthusiast. He usually spends his time reading about and trying out different sporting activities. He uses his skill in writing to share his knowledge and experience to readers and other sports fans that are just as passionate as he is. He is currently into darts and dart boards from
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