Tuesday, 14 January 2014

IP PBX Solutions And The DT700 Series: NEC Phone Systems Help Employees Become More Efficient

Phones — regardless of whether they are held by hand, placed on a desk, or built into a computer — provide businesses with the flexibility and capabilities that enhance their performance of essential communication tasks. Staff members gain information and access to other teams in an instant, and these can be highly instrumental in accomplishing orders, acquiring accounts, and closing deals. Indeed, phones are important fixtures in any thriving office setting. In Australia, NEC is a brand renowned for its delivery of top-quality, easy-to-use phone communication products and solutions. Small, medium and large businesses alike require phone solutions that will fit their specific requirements, and NEC offers a range of platforms and handsets that provide traditional technologies as well as more advanced innovations.

For small businesses, examples of NEC phone systems like the SL1100 IP PBX would be an ideal choice. It allows up to 40 users (with a handset capacity of 16 for IP, 24 for digital and 20 for analogue) and it can connect up to 12 PSTN, 12 ISDN 2, 30 PRO channels or 16 SIP trunks. Users can select their preferred handsets from among NEC IP, NEC digital and NEC analogue handsets. Its two-port voice mail and auto attendant, Web-based Administration software, and price that’s specially structured for small businesses make it the logical phone system of choice for those who are still building their company.

Larger enterprises can benefit from other NEC offerings like the UNIVERGE Digital Desktop Terminals or DT300 Series. It comes with a wide range of customizable features as well as a modular design that addresses employees' specific communication needs.

Features of the Desktop Digital Terminal include: local and system directories; call history; intuitive interfaces with globally recognized icons; wide band audio; separate configurations for each user; customizable side panels and keypads; and different optional adapters like Analogue Record Adapter, Direct Station Selection, PSTN Adapter for Analog, and Analogue Port with Ringer.

Desktop Digital Terminals need not be replaced each time a business requires new features; instead, NEC terminals can be easily upgraded at minimal costs, so a company's initial investment is protected. Because ACD, voicemail and customer information applications are integrated, there is little or no need for operators and additional overhead costs. And NEC makes sure to produce quality phone systems and terminals with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces that do not require users to undergo extensive training or consultations in manuals. With NEC phone solutions, your business can experience effortless communication.

About the author: Sarah Miller is a business consultant by profession and a content creator, writer and blogger by passion. Having been exposed to the different aspects and faces of businesses, she frequently does research on useful information regarding the different methods and techniques to further improve business marketing, sales, performance and shares her passion of business management through blog/content writing. She uses helpful websites like infinititelecommunications.com.au when writing her articles.

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