Friday, 20 December 2013

Bright Ideas For Corporate Fun: Scavenger Hunts, Treasure Quests, And One Amazing Race

Team building is a clever and powerful concept. When used effectively, it can inspire employees and improve sales and productivity. When conceived and executed improperly, it can be counterproductive and lead to heightened tensions — essentially the exact opposite of what the activity was meant to accomplish. So what do you do for your company’s team building activities? You get creative.

 Instead of doing the usual bonding excursions and the frequent ice breakers, consider the unique ideas offered by a specialist team building company. These creative ideas for corporate bonding may include scavenger hunts, treasure quests, or an exhilarating Amazing Race type of activity. By relying on the expertise, the creativity, and the experience of a specialist team building company, you introduce entirely new experiences and revitalize the energy and commitment of employees to the company. These team building activities are not only unique to most corporate environments but they could also be very versatile. You can choose to do a fun and adventurous obstacle race completely indoors or opt for a Scavenger Hunt in the great outdoors.

While it’s certainly more exciting to hold these types of team bonding activities outdoors, the goals behind each one will lead to similar and favorable results. Any type of game or race where participants have to work together to collect a series of items and overcome a string of obstacles will allow your employees to collaborate and to use their collective knowledge to win the activity.

Moreover, these types of corporate bonding events will involve physical and mental challenges. So you’re not only developing teamwork for your employees and ensuring productivity and efficiency when everyone gets back to work, but you’re also helping them get fit and maintain cognitive functions. Know that enhanced awareness for fitness will always lead to improved morale and increased motivation at work. So a physically challenging team bonding activity isn’t just about getting your workers into shape.

If you’re worried about such demands risking the safety of your employees, your specialist team building company will see to this concern. A proper yet still creative activity will be arranged, with thorough orientation and experienced facilitators, in the ideal setting. For instance, your company could enjoy a Treasure Hunt at the local park or the beach instead of a remote destination. Alternately, you can take up a poll in the office and see what sort of activities your employees enjoy so you can conceptualize a bonding excursion tailored to your company. 

About the author: Henry Briggs is a sports enthusiast and a freelance writer. He frequently writes article about sports updates, sport gadgets and even recreational activities. Moreover, he also visits to find better recreational activities for everyone.
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