Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stump Grinding – Perth Property Owners’ Quick Solution Against Tree Stumps

Trees offer several benefits for the environment. For one, they offer food and shelter to a host of creatures in a variety of ecosystems. Second, they help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which is beneficial and gives life to all living things, creatures and even humans. Lastly, they prevent soil erosion, which can be the cause of many danger and accidents.

But what is the value of trees for urban dwellers and property owners? 
Trees can help communities become more liveable. For one, they help provide beauty, offering a welcome respite from cold and lifeless infrastructure. Second, they can absorb harmful particles found in the air, making the air quality for breathing more suitable. Third, they can also help prevent soil from eroding into sewage systems and other natural waterways. Fourth, they can also increase the value of a property, allowing it to command a higher price in the market once the owner decides to sell the home or commercial building.

However, there are instances wherein trees can pose hazards to the residents or tenants of a home or commercial property. When trees are planted in the wrong part of the property, they can be a tripping hazard and a source of many other minor accidents. There are instances wherein the property owners did not give much consideration to the tree they planted. In such cases, they did not expect it to grow so tall as to become entangled in power lines or for the roots to grow too deep, compromising the structural integrity of the property. Trees can also be prone to diseases when left alone and can become a home to unwelcome and annoying pests.

Of course, the best option would be to call in an expert arborist to remedy these problems. There are cases wherein it would be better to simply chop off the tree. However, cutting the tree can lead to another problem – tree stumps. Tree stumps can be unsightly and can also become a tripping hazard. Also, some species of trees do not die after being cut. Instead, they grow shoots. Tree stumps, of course, also always attract pests. When you want to get rid of a tree stump, there are various ways to do so. You can use chemicals to gradually kill the stump. You can also remove the stump and roots manually, or opt for stump grinding. Perth property owners who do not have the time, energy or patience for the other two options will appreciate how fast and effective stump grinding is.

Stump grinding entails the use of a stump grinder or stump cutter which can vary in size. With the use of a rotating disk, the remnants of the tree are ground into chips, making quick work of the problem tree stump. These chips can then be used as mulch, for composts or for paths in walkways.

The key point in cutting down or removing a tree is to do it properly and in a responsible, safe way. And getting the help of tree-cutting experts to achieve this should be an option that must always be considered.

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