Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Business Owner’s Guide To Choosing Office Headsets

Investing in high-quality telecommunication systems and equipment is a must for every organization wanting to establish an efficient, professional, sophisticated and globally competitive communications strategy. This applies to any office, no matter how big or small, across all industries, from call center companies to hotels and restaurants to IT start-ups. It also holds true regardless of your office setup, whether you’re still connected via conventional telephone systems or you’re in touch with the rest of the world via Internet-connected phones and other forms of online communication platforms.Ensuring that you have reliable, relevant and easy-to-use tools at hand will reduce the possibility of delays and costly mistakes in the future. A small but significant part of most modern communication tools today is the pair of headsets. As the direct link between the caller and the receiver, the headset should be able to deliver crisp, clear sound at all times. As with most office investments, it pays to choose models from industry-approved suppliers made by world-renowned manufacturers.However, it can be challenging to determine which of the units offered in the market today will be most suited to the needs and demands of your operations. It may be helpful to go through the decision-making process guided by the questions listed below.

Does the supplier have considerable experience with your industry?It is best to stick to suppliers who already have the experience, if not specialization, on orders and contracts within your industry. For instance, government and corporate purchases often have specific payment terms and invoicing requirements. A supplier who already knows how to handle those procedures, and can offer add-on benefits such as volume pricing and lifetime support, can provide the best deals.

Do they offer headset trials? Even if you have diligently done your research, sometimes there’s no way to tell if a headset will work well with your setup unless you have tried using it on site. Leading suppliers offer office headset trials to help clients make wiser decisions according to their business needs. Look for such offers so that you can ensure that you get the package with features that will be most valuable to your company.

What about the price? Leading headset suppliers offer a lowest price guarantee. This means that if you find another supplier who offers the same headset for a lower price, they can match that price for you. Also, make sure they provide clear, transparent pricing – watch out for hidden fees or credit card surcharges.

Are the products 100% genuine? Don’t get blinded by the unbelievably low rates that you may see online. Make sure first that the products are 100% genuine and complete with manufacturer warranties, and not imitation or fake imports. To avoid dodgy deals, it’s best to associate with a local supplierso that stocks are sourced and intended for the market.

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