Thursday, 7 November 2013

How ‘New Kid On The Block’ Sam Bektas Earned Respect And Credibility In The Field Of Personal Injury Law

The Victorian Compensation Lawyers, a specialist firm of personal injury lawyers, was founded in 2007. They hold a Specialist Accreditation in Personal Injury Law from the Law Institute of Victoria, and are set to be granted an International Standards Organization LAW 9000 accreditation by the end of 2013. While these titles as well as their stellar record of accomplishments in litigation claims have established their credibility and aptitude in the field, the VCL is still considered, in some ways, the new kid on the block.

Principal lawyer Sam Bektas finds no problem with how they are perceived in the scene. After all, being seen as a young, emerging and brilliant law firm, in an environment that puts tradition, connection and age-old reputation in a pedestal, is an accomplishment in itself. He believes that their growing client base and the increasing demand for their services reflect the confidence of the community with what they can contribute. He was once quoted as saying: “(We) may not be the oldest, largest or most ‘connected’ firm in the state... but we make it an everyday effort to improve our skills and knowledge in what we do best: protecting the rights and interests of everyday Victorians and their families affected by compensable injury.”

To accommodate the increasing number of clients, the Victorian Compensation Lawyers recently opened a new office in the busy, commercial and culturally diverse district of Dandenong. This is their second location, and Bektas assures that people will be getting the same brand of competency, dedication and compassion they are known to provide to their clients in their first office in Melbourne CBD. To fast-track the operations of the new branch, they have hired and trained additional qualified practitioners and personnel to serve clients better. Being the company’s lead headhunter and being hands-on with the selection and training of staff is a trait that Bektas is known for. He says that the level of success and credibility the VCL has achieved wouldn’t have been possible if they had not been meticulous in getting only the best and the brightest in personal injury practice – the so-called cream of the crop in this branch of law.

What makes their strategy even more effective is that they don’t simply hire based on top-notch professional knowledge. They also make sure their lawyers have the right skills and attitude when it comes to dealing with people who come for their counsel. They are attentive listeners and they communicate well, making sure clients attain clarity and understanding with regards to the typically complex and confusing legal process. By arming their clients with relevant, accurate knowledge, VCL lawyers are able to position the case strategically, while providing their client the emotional and legal support they need during the most trying times.

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