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Ear surgery to restore your unevenly shaped earlobes

Ear piercing a quick procedure of creating a small fissure in the lobe of your ears which will enable you to dangle beautiful earrings on your ear which will enhance your appearance complimenting the your face and the clothing you’re wearing. It has developed into such a fashion that even men have procedural fissures in their ears to carry a more manly appearance that are long prevalent in ancient traditions. Although the process is swift and it does not damage any type of muscles, putting on heavy or big earrings for an extended period of time or piercing near the outline of your earlobe can certainly cause it to tear gradually. 

If you have a torn earlobe, no matter the severity of the condition of the lobes of your ear, it can be mended with local anesthesia under any plastic surgery center here in Dallas. Prices for these procedures differ from place to place which you have to circumspectly investigate about. If you refuse the use of local anesthesia, there is also laughing gas which will provide you a loss of sensation during the procedure. The mending ear lobe procedure is completed when the earlobe is mended with two or three layers of stitches after the skin lining of the torn lobe is removed. Not only does the procedure reshapes your ear to its natural form, they may also pierce your ear again without any additional charges.

Reduction of Large earlobes
Some people have unusually large earlobes naturally or their earlobes have been completed stretched by the usage of heavy earrings for a long time. Large earlobes are unappealing on a person and dangling earrings on a loose ear lobe is rarely attractive in a person.

In this type of situation, an incision along the edge of the earlobe is performed under the influence of local anesthesia or laughing gas. Only through your approval of the curve of your earlobe and the size of the incision, the surgeon will then carry on with the procedure. Soft tissues of the earlobe are trimmed which in turn shortens the long and loose structure of the ear lobe. This procedure of ear surgery not only reduces the size of your lobes, it also repairs the ear lobe which is torn. This type of surgical procedure is the most prominent one.

There is an alternative to the former type of surgery which is the performance of a wedge-shaped excision of superfluous tissues of the ear lobe. To narrow the tissues that are too wide, vertical scars are created to shorten the length surgically. Only by consulting together with the surgeon, will you then be able to choose the type of surgery you want to be performed on your ear.

Cutback & reduction of gauged earlobes
Although the trend of gauging the earlobes is widely prevalent among youngsters and teenagers, this trend of fashion eventually leaves your earlobes in a stretched and deformed condition. Many who choose to repair their Gauged earlobes are obligated to do so because of demands at work place and at the military requirements.

Both the surgical procedures in mending of torn earlobe and reduction of earlobe are included in this operation of repairing gauged earlobes. It is only apparent that the more your ear is stretched or damaged before your procedure, all the more smaller will be your earlobe.

When you have decided upon the kind of procedure you want to have, approach the best facial plastic surgeon in Dallas and get the transformation in an outstanding comportment. 

About the Author:-
Jone Walker is Ear Surgeon Consultant in Irving. He has 6+ Years of experience as Surgeon field and has worked with many Firms in Irving, TX. Here he is sharing his views on Ear surgery.
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