Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sam Bektas Ushers In Another Period Of Growth For VCL With The Opening Of A New Office

Leading young legal firm the Victorian Compensation Lawyers recently opened a new office in Dandenong, the commercial and industrial district located 30 kilometers from Melbourne’s central business district. This will be the personal injury lawyer specialists firm’s second office, in addition to the original branch in Melbourne.

According to principal lawyer Sam Bektas, expanding to another location will allow their litigation and support team to further attend to their mission of “protecting the rights and interests of everyday Victorians and their families affected by compensate able injury.”

Bektas has a personal relationship with Dandenong, which is believed to have got its name from an aboriginal term meaning “lofty mountains.” He studied high school there as well as college at the prestigious Monash University. In 2000, he also ran for Dandenong Council (he missed office by a very slender margin). He believes that the path he has taken – spending his formative years and building a strong connection to the community there and then returning again to establish an office that will serve the people of Dandenong – is a way of going full circle and paying homage to his roots.
VCL also considered the various leisure and business activities that make people converge in Dandenong when they chose their second location. The district is home to major commercial hotspots such as the Dandenong Plaza Shopping Centre, Dandenong Market, and providing another office that’s easily accessible is one small but remarkable way of simplifying the potentially complicated process of filing a compensation claim. Moreover, the place is known as one of the most culturally vibrant and ethnically diverse in Australia, reflecting the continuously expanding client base of VCL.

To make sure the Dandenong branch maintains the same level of high competence and client service as with their Melbourne CBD office, Bektas will personally oversee, along with his organization's trusted leaders, the critical transition period (and beyond) of the new office.

VCL will also be adding and training more personnel and hiring qualified practitioners who can perform as well as their current team, who have already built a reputation of having the grit – and the aptitude – to accept and handle some of Victoria’s most difficult litigation claims. Since it was founded in 2007, the VCL has already expanded their client base, thanks to referrals from satisfied clients and impressed Court personnel, as well as opponents who have personally witnessed the brand of diligence and determination the team puts into every case they handle.

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