Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How To Choose Your Catering

Do you have a need for catering? You have many options. Despite offering the same service, they, of course, vary in many ways. For instance, different caterers would differ in quality, at the very least. If you were to engage the services of a caterer, you need to do your due diligence and find out if your prospects bear the qualities you are looking for. First and foremost, however, you need to determine just what your requirements are. Here is a good list of criteria to steer you in the right direction.

  • Cooking – What’s at the very heart of catering services? Caterers know that they can’t possibly succeed without the capability to provide great-tasting food. It doesn’t matter how beautiful their set up is and how many bells and whistles they add to their packages, if the food is mediocre at best, you won’t want them to cater for you. You also need to verify that the caterer has enough cooking experience to plan menus, make recipe substitutions, cook for a huge group without the quality suffering, as well as safely prepare, transport, and reheat large amounts of food.

  • Compliance with government standards – You may want to read on food safety laws and deliberately discuss them with your prospects to check how cognizant they are of food safety regulations for the nation.

  • Communication skills – It’s not just about cooking. A caterer should know how to be tactful and courteous in order to deliver excellent customer service. Whatever situation may arise, it shouldn’t be compounded by miscommunication and unnecessary misunderstanding. This is where communication and social skills come in handy. You really don’t want to deal with a caterer who is not personable and who is difficult to communicate with besides.

  • Creativity and imagination – Wouldn’t you prefer a service that offers beyond what is standard? This is why gourmet catering services enjoy an edge. It’s common to see the same things on the menus provided by different caterers, so your attention is immediately caught by ones that deviate from the usual offerings. You also want a service that has the flexibility to meet your unique requirements and cope with whatever challenges they may present. An excellent caterer has the imagination to come up with fitting solutions that will guarantee satisfaction.

  • Careful attention to detail – From food to arrangements, to presentation, to service execution, etc. a caterer must be on top of everything and meticulous enough to ensure that everything is in place and achieving its purpose beautifully.
Taking the time to do a comparative research of your prospective caterers will ensure that you make the best choice.

About the author: Karren Colstone works as a food critic. She has been in this field for five years now. Her specialty is desserts but she also has a background in other types of food. When she is not writing, she maintains a blog about food. She shares her experiences in dining at different kinds of restaurants. Furthermore, she imparts her knowledge about food catering and preparation to her readers. She visits sites like http://www.1762.ae.
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