Friday, 10 January 2014

Why You Should Use A Content Delivery Network Today

Three seconds — that’s all it takes for anyone visiting your website before they click away. According to current statistics, 40 percent of online users abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load while 47 percent expect a page to load in two seconds. Indeed, patience isn’t one of the virtues you can expect from Web users; that realization is especially crucial if you happen to be running an online business. Every second counts when you’ve got an online business because a slow page response leads to increased page abandonment and decreased conversions, which translate to reduced bottom line. So you need to make sure that your website performance isn’t leading to such unfavorable results. Whether you’re a one-man start up or an established organization, a content delivery network (or CDN) can accelerate and enhance your website’s performance.

A CDN service uses strategically placed servers that deliver pages and other Web content to data centers that are the closest to your users or shoppers. So it’s an effective form of speeding up the process of delivery and improving the reliability of downloaded content, particularly for websites that see high traffic at a given time. It offers a higher capacity and larger scale so your online venture has the potential to extend its business to an international arena.

The best part about using a CDN service, other than benefiting from the speed and reliability, and improving your website’s accessibility, is the fact that your business saves from spending on costly Web infrastructure. A CDN service can offload your website’s traffic on a backbone network by redirecting traffic to multiple servers, which means your users experience faster website speeds — even on peak hours — and your business doesn’t have to pay for additional infrastructure.

Another advantage to using a CDN service is that you could also track and monitor data, allowing you to make informed decisions about your website. You can discover which locations or regions are most active. You could find out whether video streaming or image downloads are more popular than mobile content or videos. By having access to usage analytic, you gain better insights about your users, consequently allowing you to create corresponding changes or improvements to your website.

From desktop shoppers to mobile users, everyone who surfs the Web for just about anything demands speed, accessibility, and reliability from websites. Whether you’re offering dynamic content or handling e-commerce transactions, make sure your website lives up to Web user expectations. And look into a CDN service today.

Author: Bob Josward is an IT specialist by profession and a content creator by passion. He is much drawn to technology and is a tech savvy. With his interest on the effects of technology in the business industry, he often spends time reading and researching about gadgets, its advantages and disadvantages, for different kinds of businesses. He uses his love and passion for writing as a medium in effectively delivering his message for other readers and bloggers out there who share the same interest as his. is one of his resources.
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