Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Signs That You've Chosen The Best Math Learning Center For Your Child

For a lot of children, the anxiety brought about by attempting to perform well in math subjects at school is very real. Some students understand the mathematical concepts well enough, but when asked to recite answers to questions on the spot or to solve problems on the blackboard in front of everybody, they freeze. Others find it relatively simple to follow practice questions and examples, but struggle to write out the solution when they are faced with a brand new and challenging problem to solve on a test paper. And there are also children who can arrive at the right answers, but take quite some time to do so, which doesn't help them finish tests or participate promptly in class recitations. The confusion and frustration that often accompanies the exercise of solving math problems contributes much to many students' perception that math is a very difficult — if not the most difficult — subject of all. Without a proper mastery of the procedures and methods of solving math problems, a child can find himself lost — and possibly in danger of failing the subject. Parents, then, must take an active approach and help their children learn more effective strategies for successfully completing their math exercises.

How is this done? By hiring the best math tutors in Dubai. There are organizations established precisely to give unparalleled math instruction to students of various age groups; this helps them improve their performance in class and build their confidence in handling the subject on their own.

How will you, the parent, know that you've acquired the services of the top math learning centre in Dubai for your child's benefit? Here are a few sure signs:

1. The center teaches math and nothing else.
By specializing in a single subject instead of handling multiple disciplines, tutors can ensure that focus is maintained on exploring every possible strategy available to make math simpler for children to comprehend — with no distractions.

2. The staff makes use of their own proprietary curriculum and materials.
If a tutoring service uses a standard curriculum, educational software or worksheets that a child has already seen or done (and possibly had trouble understanding) in school, there is not much progress to be expected. A learning center that utilizes a perfected, effective curriculum (not available anywhere else) has an excellent chance of helping your child gain mastery of the subject.

3. Children are assessed both verbally and in writing.
By performing an assessment of a child's  strengths and weaknesses through both written and verbal means, instructors gain a three-dimensional view of his grasp of and ability for solving math problems, and can tutor him accordingly.

4. Instruction is customized to suit each student.
No two students will have the same difficulties with the subject as well as learning styles and approaches to the subject. By customizing the program to suit individuals (thanks to a thorough, multi-faceted assessment), learning is better structured to produce positive results.

5. Various media and methods are used to teach math.
The best private tutoring in Dubai will involve techniques that cater to a variety of learning styles (written, verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic) instead of using nothing but familiar worksheets and ineffective software. This works to fully engage a student and equip him with new skills and insights for tackling math — and for developing a love and understanding of it.

About the author: Calvin John MchPhee is an educational consultant and a writer. He frequently writes article about education, teaching tips and strategies, childcare and other topics that can help children learn more. He also visits to provide individuals information about math teachers.

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