Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quick And Easy Tips: Photographing Children And Animals In A Snap

Blurry shots. Two seconds behind. Not nearly interesting enough. Why is it that you always fail to capture that blink-of-an-eye moment when it comes to your kids or your pets? For one, kids and pets tend to act fast and you have to act even faster to photograph those cute moments. For another, you might not be practicing your skills and are perhaps forgetting to use those awesome features on your camera — features that capture seemingly difficult shots. Photographing children and animals takes a bit of strategy — and where camera-shy pets are concerned, some ninja skills. But coming up with photos so absolutely cute they will devastate anyone within viewing distance shouldn’t be too hard — not when you’ve got these quick and easy tips to follow.

“Study” your subjects.
It sounds odd to have to learn how your kids and your pets behave, but if you know about their habits, you’ll be able to predict those blink-of-an-eye moments and never miss those wonderful shots.

Leave it to the professionals.
There are photographers who specialize mostly in kids and pet photography. So if you’re looking to get those photos framed or done for special occasions, go with professionals whose portfolios include kids and pets. Choose professionals who prefer photographing kids outdoors because natural light and nature can produce some of the more stunning images of your kids.

Play with the features in your camera.
For those everyday shots at home when you want to shoot continuously, try photographing in burst mode because it will allow you to keep shooting. Your dog, cat, or toddler may look like they’re just not doing anything that’s capture-worthy, but at any given moment, they could turn up the charm and shooting in burst mode could get you that one amazing shot.

Off center can be “off the hook.”
Framing kids and pets in the center can create dull photos. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful off centre shots can be, especially when you shoot in black and white.

Don’t be afraid to move as your pet moves.

Play with different angles when photographing your pets. Wildlife photographers will do the same in order to capture animals from all angles. They’ll kneel, lay on their sides, stand up, go behind or in front of the animal, crouch — shooting from all conceivable angles creates a more intimate and natural shot of your pets.

Allow your kids to be themselves when getting family portraits done.
When it comes to family photography, beautiful memories are best captured when everyone’s just being himself or herself. While a studio shot with a nice backdrop and proper clothes can be a great idea, too, nothing is more heartwarming and unforgettable than a shot of your kids and the rest of the family frolicking on the beach or laughing while enjoying a picnic. It may sound simple and ordinary but when shot by a professional photographer, it’ll be your best family photo ever.

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About the Author: Yonex Sterno is a photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature along with the cherished moments happening in a person’s life. She is also an artist. She is fond of using her captured images as excellent designs to certain things like mugs, shirt and more. She is actually running her own art business which features personalized items.
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