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LG Arena Birmingham Seating Plan – How To Choose Good Concert Seats

Some people prefer to listen to music in solitude, en route to work or home, in the privacy of the shower or while enjoying a good book. But sometimes, however good a record is, it can often pale in comparison to watching your favorite artist or band play live onstage. A live performance is not just an auditory experience. On one hand, you have the live musicians deftly playing their instruments while the singer combines vocal prowess with facial and bodily gestures to deliver a total performance. And then there's the production, the combination of lights, dancers and other visual elements that bring the performance together — all these while the audience swoon, dance and shriek in unison. To a certain degree, a live performance is akin to a religious experience.

Your enjoyment of a concert hinges considerably on which seats you get. Some concert-goers prefer to seat upfront to get to see the performers up close. Others prefer to watch a concert perched on top of the concert venue, watching not only the performers, but also other concert-goers. In terms of sound quality, experts advise concert-goers to pick the middle seats. Why? The middle portion of the venue is considered a choice spot simply because there aren't any surfaces which could either break or bounce the sounds. Alternatively, you can pick a seat near the music engineer. Typically, engineers pick a spot wherein they can have a good listen to the sound coming from the stage, allowing them to optimally mix sound at the concert venue.

Prior to purchasing a ticket, it is a good idea to see how the venue will be laid out. For most performances where standing is allowed, the LG Arena Birmingham seating plan is laid out using an A to F seating scheme, with areas A to C being the nearest to the stage and areas D to F behind the first rows. The Motorpoint Arena Cardiff seating plan utilities a numeric seating arrangement with rows one to three at the center. The Motorpoint Arena Sheffield seating plan, on the other hand, utilities an alpha-numeric scheme with those seats from A to C placed in the center of the venue and the numbered seats placed along the venue's perimeter.

But apart from letting you choose the best seats, knowing where the venue of a performance will be held also allows you to know beforehand some restrictions. For example, if you are buying tickets for your teen or if he or she is tagging along with you, it’s important to know beforehand which venues don't sell tickets to kids below 14 years old for standing areas, or require that they are accompanied by an adult.

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