Friday, 31 January 2014

JDL Strategies’ 2014 Property Market Forecast

Whether you are a young professional keen on establishing financial security for your family or you are a seasoned worker looking forward to enjoying your retirement years with ease, you can never go wrong with property investment. Financial and investment advisers often encourage their clients to make a foray into real estate investment because, compared to other assets, properties are less prone to market volatility. Property owners can earn either through flipping or through monthly rent. Should you take out a loan to invest in property, the interest can be deducted from your taxes. Finally, many are enticed to invest in a piece of property because you own something that is tangible.

Property investment specialists from JDL Strategies add that investing in Australian properties can be profitable due to several factors. First, the Australian property market has been one of the most stable in the face of the global financial crisis. Second, repossessions here are not as widespread as compared to other countries. On top of that, the country has an enviable legal and property buying system. Finally, current market conditions are stacked in favour of investors. These conditions include a high demand for properties from a steadily growing population.

But apart from these, many property experts are predicting that 2014 will be a banner year for the Australian real estate market due to several notable trends.

For one, many anticipate the increase in property prices in several key Australian cities in 2013 to spill over to the following year. Recent data may indicate that the market may have slowed down during the final months of the year but this is deemed to be just a part of the natural cycle of the market as people put their focus on the holidays.

Second, the current interest rates are among the lowest in the Australian property market's history. This is manifested in the increased activity in the lower spectrum of the property market, both in the domestic and international scene.

Notable, too, is the influence of other economies including the continued robust performance of the Chinese economy along with the surge in America's recovery.

So what does this mean if you are keen on making a foray into property investment?

First, interest rates may remain at their current state at the first half of the year while it is expected that these rates will increase during the latter half of 2014. Additionally, property prices are seen to continue to rise especially in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Western Australia and Queensland are also foreseen to make great headways during the year.

At this point, it is never too late to take advantage of these situations. However, be aware that the window for opportunities is closing fast.

About The Author: Oliver Finney loves to continuously learn and share knowledge about the real estate market and how investors can make a good profit in property investment. He shares that is a great resource for tips and strategies to succeed in property investment.
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