Thursday, 2 January 2014

Avaya IP Office 500 – Premium Features At A Competitive Price

With so many new communication channels brought about by new technologies that can be used by business organizations and their customers, it is easy to overlook the reassuring comfort of hearing a human voice tell you that your particular concern is being attended to and will be remedied as soon as possible.Whether you are just starting your first venture or are in the process of expanding your operations, the one office phone system that should be on your wish list is the Avaya IP Office 500.

Avaya's IP Office 500 has received numerous accolades and glowing reviews from various users both for its useful features which boost productivity and its competitive price. In fact, it boasts of a lion's share in both the SME and multinational firm segments, making it an industry leader. But what makes Avaya the frontrunner in phone systems?

Avaya's products deftly combine new technologies with functionality. While other brands are just introducing nifty features like CTI, VoIP, networking, unified messaging, mobility and more, Avaya was one of the first brands to adapt these technologies and offer these to their clients. Of course, no matter how useful a technology is, it can be deemed worthless if the users cannot figure out how to integrate these with their daily tasks. And that is the beauty of the Avaya handset – it has state-of-the-art features that you can actually use.

Among the most valuable features offered by the IP Office 500 are call transfers, conference calls and conference bridging, hold functionality, day and night greetings, personal voice-mail, full auto attendant, voice-mail to email, SIP trunking, affordable VoIP calls, customer system self-administration, hot desking, mobile twinning, cordless phone compatibility and user-friendly handsets.

But what about pricing? When you're just starting out, the usual route to take would be to settle for something more affordable, upgrading the current system when the cash flow has improved. With the features that IP Office 500 offers, some organizations classified under the SME sector may think that they cannot afford such a premium communication product. However, Avaya has strategically priced the IP Office 500 to compete with other players in the market and thus entice smaller ventures with premium features at an affordable price tag.

With benchmark setting features, reliability, user-friendliness and competitive pricing, why should you settle for anything less than what the IP Office 500 offers? Discover for yourself why people are raving about this phone system today.

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