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Three Key Questions To Ask The Compensation Lawyers Sydney Has Accredited

A personal injury can disrupt your life in multiple ways. The pain and suffering associated with the injury could prevent you from going to work. If you happen to be the lone wage earner in your family or depend entirely upon yourself, the lost earnings will be beyond distressing. In addition to these daily anxieties, you could be faced with an even more stressful compensation process. Consultations with the compensation lawyers Sydney has accredited will minimize those burdens.

Be prepared to give your compensation lawyer specific information about your case. Consider preparing a timeline detailing the relevant dates and events. And try to ask these three key questions during your consultation so you’ll have a clearer understanding of the process and your expectations are managed.

1.How long will the process take?
Before any claim is lodged, specialist lawyers handling personal injury cases clarify that the injuries have to first stabilize. This has to do with getting medical evidence that show the nature of the injuries and the extent of damage it has done. Medical negligence lawyers find that some injuries show deterioration and no sign of improvement a year after the injury.
Ultimately, the process will depend on the type of claim you’ve lodged. But you should know that most claims for injuries have time limits for lodging and bringing a case to court; the prescribed period will depend on the state. So it’s very critical to seek a compensation lawyer’s advice as soon as you sustain an injury due to the negligence of your employer, another motorist, or a physician.

2. What are my options?
For whatever reason, whether it’s inconsistencies with the medical records or simply failing to choose the right lawyer, not all claims are successful. When this happens, you may be ordered by the court to pay for the other party’s legal costs and even disbursements.

Some personal injury lawyers may recommend settlement wherein you agree to accept a lesser value of the claim you’ve lodged to avoid the risk of an unsuccessful claim. Your lawyer should be able to clarify all your options during the consultation so you know what to expect. This will allow you to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

3.How much will I have to pay for legal costs?
Legal costs will vary with each law firm specializing on compensation law. But most will offer a “no win, no fee” basis, which basically means that when your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay your lawyer’s fees; you might still be legally obliged to pay for the winning party’s legal costs. Make sure you understand your compensation lawyer’s legal costs so that there’s no confusion when you receive the bill.

With the NSW government making changes to the Compensation Law, most currently denying lump sum payments to workers who sustained injuries to less than 10 percent of their bodies, you’re going to need all the help you can get to secure your due compensation. So seek legal advice from an experienced compensation lawyer. And minimize the burden and disruption that a personal injury can create.

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