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Alcatel OmniPCX Phone System – Quality Features That Make It The Top Choice Of Small Businesses

Alcatel-Lucent may be currently ranked as the number two company specializing in phone systems, but that does not mean you should not take a second look at its offerings. The Alcatel OmniPCX Phone System, in particular, is a strong contender in its class, particularly among small businesses looking for intelligent features without the steep price tag.

One of the most outstanding features offered by this phone system is the ease by which your staff can transfer calls to the pertinent party with just a click of a mouse button. Should a call need to be put on hold, your receptionist or your staff only needs to press the hold button.

The OmniPCX comes with a standard three-party conference call function which can be upgraded to include up to six participants. Initiating a conference call is as easy as inputting the attendees, their contact information as well as the appointed date and time.

With its day and night greetings, businesses are assured that customers are greeted promptly in a courteous and professional manner even if their staff cannot answer calls. This assures both a good professional impression on callers as well as the elimination of lost opportunities.

The full auto attendant feature allows callers to be directed to the pertinent department or personnel, which is perfect for large organizations or even their smaller counterparts which do not have a receptionist under their employ. Personal voice-mail is another feature that has become a must-have for offices; it allows callers to leave messages to the party they are trying to reach. These messages can also be accessed by their intended recipients via a laptop or a smartphone as they can be sent through email.

Many business organizations have taken advantage of VoIP services for the cost savings they offer. With the OmniPCX, businesses can utilize these systems to save money without compromising call quality.

If you have staff working remotely, they can connect to the Omni PCX system as long as they have an Internet connection. This can be done in two ways – by using their own Alcatel IP handset or by downloading the Alcatel soft phone on their desktop or laptop computer. On top of this, the OmniPCX provides managers and owners a tool to monitor remote staff performance.

The OminiPCX can also be tweaked by administrators to suit their various needs. Among the features that can be customised are phone rings, announcement messages, new user setup and deletion of user accounts, day and night timers, call queueing timers and messages and more.

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