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The Smart Homeowner’s Guide To Buying Used Furniture For Sale In Dubai

A deep blue tufted Queen Anne chair. An IKEA birch gateleg table, with six drawers for cutlery storage. Bedside tables, console tables, bookcases, footstools, and so on and so forth. You can find just about type of second-hand furniture you’ll need on online classifieds. Why buy used when you can get new items? If you’re moving to a new city like Dubai and you know it’s going to be temporary, then you really don’t need to invest in an expensive dining table or sofa to furnish your short-term home.

So when you’ve found the right apartment in Dubai, and it isn’t fully furnished, go online and get smart about your purchases. There are plenty of expats and migrants moving to other cities or countries, and they are looking to dispose of furniture — fast. To help you pick the best items and get value for your money, try these tips when buying used furniture for sale in Dubai.

If it looks bad, leave it alone. Some furniture will start to look terrible after years of use, or the owner hasn’t exactly been a pretty conscientious user. Maybe the surface of the chair looks dirty. Maybe the upholstery is frayed. Maybe there’s evidence of rust on the wrought iron garden furniture. If the furniture appears it should be on its way to the dump, then find other items. Just because you’re buying used furniture, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for durability and quality.

Try it out before buying. A sofa bed may appear comfortable on an online image, but it may feel different when you lie down. So whatever furniture you’re buying, test it out first. Sit on that two-seater sofa or that reclining chair. Open the drawers on a sideboard or trolley. Lean on a table. While you’re trying out the furniture, scrutinize its condition so you can haggle on a price.

See the potential in old furniture. An old chair can be reupholstered while an antique dining table can always be restored. Some furniture pieces will have the ideal construction and in spite of being worn out, their beauty will still shine. So look for those special pieces you can refurbish.

Don’t count out the germs. This is why dumpster diving for furniture is a dodgy idea. You never know what bugs and germs may be lurking in sofas, mattresses, or upholstered chairs. You can look for superficial signs of bugs but you can’t totally be sure that steam cleaning, vacuuming, chemical warfare, and other bug killing means may truly work. For your peace of mind, you can heat treat (as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours) in a dark plastic bag and reupholster second-hand furniture, or steer clear of upholstered furniture, and always aim for a new mattress.

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