Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Decorating Christmas Tree with My Kids

Three months back I was thinking and saying to myself that, okay I have bit of a time to handle all the things to be needed for a perfect Christmas for our family. Here I am now again and hardly little over a month is left to the big day of Christmas. I love the duty of being a father and managing and planning things of an event. It just seems a short while ago when we had our first baby and now 15 years later when I look at the time we had, it cannot be explained in words. I am a proud father of 3 kids now and when it comes to Christmas, my kids look forward to it for all the fun like decorating rooms, decorating the Christmas tree, cooking and baking with mum and choosing gifts for each other. When I look at the excitement and adrenalin in their eyes, I realize the fact how exactly we would be when we were kids.

The biggest challenge for me when it comes to decorating for Christmas is the Christmas tree itself. I have always believed that Christmas tree is like adrenalin pumping machine of the event. Kids get their inspiration and get into the spirit of Christmas by preparing decorations for Christmas tree and buying gifts for each other. I make sure that my kids are fully involved in decorating the whole home. I believe that this helps kids have a mind exercise and increase their level of creativity and innovation. So I encourage them to come up with more of the ideas for Christmas tree and home decoration. I try to pitch in my idea without them noticing it so at the end they should know that whole idea was their own and they planned and executed it by themselves. I have kept special wall for photos of all the previous decorated Christmas trees on glass prints. I am already seeing a great in change in the eldest of them, as he takes charge of managing things in a very organized manner.

Last year, all three of them together came up with an idea of a theme that I had not seen anywhere before. My daughter saw in a magazine a metallic theme of Christmas tree decoration somewhere and she shared the idea on the dinner table which was then discussed between us all. Since the idea was new so their mother thought of asking them to stick to the traditional colored theme, but I signaled her to let it be. Things got finalized when they went to a mall and got the opportunity to get metallic decoration globes and stars of different colors like gold, silver, copper, rustic and platinum. Another thing they bought was golden and silver spray paint. I never thought the idea would look that amazing when finished as it did. Since many of the decoration they already had from previous Christmases were of different color, they got them painted by the spray paint they bought. They also made a Christmas wreath for the front door using these small metallic globes and the spray paint. The living room area we decided to go in white, silver, grey and gold. The outcome was appreciated by everyone who visited and that year’s picture got the special larges size canvas print for it being the best of them all.

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