Thursday, 31 October 2013

What You Need To Know About MSAT G2, BGAN, and Other Communications Technology

You’re in the most remote part of the globe. There aren’t any Wi-Fi services or cellphone services. Yet you’re still able to send email to the office or talk to your family, as though you were just a short drive away, using a laptop that’s hooked up to a portable device. It’s the stuff of science fiction — or is it?

Thanks to the advancement of communications technology, you now have the ability to link up to anyone in the world, wherever you are and despite the absence of usual networks that provide voice, video, and data communications. With thousands of artificial satellites circling the planet, you can use mobile communication tools such as MSAT G2, BGAN, and the ISatPhone and successfully connect with the office and the family, anytime and anywhere.

Each satellite communication tool is naturally engineered to suit specific functions and purposes. The G2 is a mobile satellite two-way radio that was initially meant to address the needs of public safety and emergency response workers. Today this convenient and very crucial tool is used by just about any industry, like forestry, the military, oil and gas, mining and construction, and many others.

The MSAT supports continent-wide group and push-to-talk private communications. It also allows a user to broadcast to many users, the ability to override other users within the same talk group in an emergency situation, and it can link with existing trunked radio systems so users extend their coverage.

Meanwhile, the BGAN Satellite has a long list of general applications as well as possible bespoke applications. The mobile satellite device is used for, among many others, Internet and Intranet access, video conferencing, short message email, data transfers, and telephony.

What is perhaps the most appealing aspect to using this satellite communications device is that its terminals are very user friendly. There’s no need for a tech engineering background or devoting days for training on how to use it. BGAN just has to be turned on, pointed in the direction where the nearest satellite is located, and you’ll be off and running to sending emails, making calls, or doing video chats.

Finally, the ISatPhone Pro is probably the coolest mobile phone you’ll ever own. The handheld satellite phone provides clear satellite voice quality, global coverage, and eight hours of talk time. It also supports Bluetooth devices so you can do hands-free calls and it allows you to send short message emails, SMS, and voice mails. Beyond the usual functions of the mobile phone, the ISatPhone can also operate in extreme weather conditions. From -20°C to +55°C, this wickedly cool satellite phone lets you stay in touch with work and family, in spite of extreme climates and no matter where you are in the world.

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