Thursday, 31 October 2013

Christmas Party Themes For Your Neighbourhood Gathering

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Don’t you just love the imagery that carols like Winter Wonderland and Sleigh Ride evoke? There’s something about Christmas that makes a neighborhood come together and be inspired to make their particular corner of the universe pulse with an overload of Christmas goodness. They take pains to decorate so that the  neighborhood looks like it’s just stepped out of an old-time Christmas card. Parents organise all sorts of Christmas-related activities for the children so that the little ones will have a slew of special Christmas memories to take with them to adulthood. There’s party after party, each one aiming to underline just how wonderful this time of the year is. If you’re wondering what kind of Christmas party to throw this year for your family, friends, and neighbours, the following are some nifty Christmas party themes to choose from:
The Great Christmas Cookie Swap. This is actually pretty common among the women of the neighbourhood, especially the mums. Christmas isn’t complete without cookies, after all, and many households pretty much boast non-stop baking since the beginning of autumn. Everybody loves the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon permeating the air, which in it alone is reason enough why you should hold a cookie swap. It’s a great way to share and engender bonding.

Carolling or Piano Party. Christmas is a great time to hold piano parties since most people know the words to popular carols and everybody can join in the singing. However, if nobody in your neighborhood knows how to tickle the ivories, karaoke will do as well. You can even do traditional carolling and start from one point of the neighborhood and just sing a cappella to the various residents, growing in group size as you move from home to home until you finish to a Christmas dinner at the designated house.
12 Days of Christmas Party. This can be a costume party or a culinary festivity with participants using their imagination to come up with delectable goodies reflective of the elements of the song. Or both. You can even hold 12 social events, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. The whole point is to celebrate in a creative and memorable way using this classic Christmas song. As far as party theme ideas go, this can be explored in so many ways.

Smores Party. Ask for permission to close off the street and to set up a campfire right in the middle. Some graham crackers, marshmallows, candy bars, plus some cocoa or cider... this is the cosiest you can be outside on a winter evening. Kids and the kids at heart will love the idea. For a more intimate gathering, somebody’s fireplace will work just as well. While you’re at it, get some chestnuts to roast as well.

There are so many party ideas out there. You can have a Christmas movie marathon (a backyard showing to make it a little different), a Hollywood theme party with guests coming in costume as their favourite actor in a Christmas movie, a tree trimming party, etc. You don’t even have to have a Christmas party in December since lots of people like the idea of Christmas in July as well. Whatever you decide on, just have that party already; it’s sure to be fantastic.

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