Monday, 16 September 2013

Five Tips For Creating Memorable Mini Photo Books

Photographs do not merely tell a story. They are a good way to travel back in time — that time when your baby took his first steps, your baby’s first birthday, your golden wedding anniversary, or your last family reunion. And with the advent of digital photography, it is much easier to capture those moments using a high end digital single-lens reflex camera or DSLR or even a smartphone's camera and share them through different social media sites.

However, there is a distinct difference between leafing through family photo books and viewing these photos digitally or online. Browsing through photo books can be a communal activity as compared to viewing pictures on a particular social media site. Sure, a photo on Facebook can generate likes and comments from people, but viewing photos in their physical, tangible forms allows you to share the background behind that image.

Photo books software offer the best of digital photography and printed photos. You can use your digital cameras to shoot photos, edit and use your creative juices to come up with unique photo layouts, and have them printed as mini photo books which can be used as souvenirs for any event or happenings. They could also be given as gifts for special occasions or gatherings or one can just simply kept for posterity's sake.

Making photo books is quite easy. You don't need to have wicked Photoshop skills to come up with quirky photo books, as many people make mistakes in designing their photo books. Here are a few tips to minimize, if not eliminate, those.

In using photo book software, it is a good idea to use digital pictures with a high resolution in order to come up with an end product that is printed clearly. While it is better to work with a picture with a high resolution, there are some types of software that enable users to utilize and fix photos with lower resolution.

Be very meticulous or conscious of the layout area. Ignoring this can result in photos that are unnecessarily cut off. In adding text to your design, make sure that you've spelled out each word correctly or the whole sentence construction is grammatically correct. When in doubt, copy and paste the words into a word processing software and check. Being cautious in doing things elicits good results.

Photo books software offer a variety of tools for tweaking a photo. One tool that users can greatly benefit from is the brightness tool. Often, people brighten up their desktop or laptop monitors which in turn can lead to end products that are darker than they expect. Conversely, there are users who prefer a dimmer screen which in turn can result in pictures that are lighter than expected.

Before you have the photo book printed out, have one last look at your creation, noting the layout and checking for spelling errors, double check everything. As much as possible, do your proofreading in full mode so as not to miss any small detail or error.

About The Author:
Yonex Sterno is a photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature along with the cherished moments happening in a person’s life through her camera lens. As an artist, she is fond of using her captured images to decorate things like mugs, shirts and more. She currently runs her own art business featuring personalized items. She also writes about her interests during her free time. Yonex recommends as a great source for photo books, photo calendars and more creative things that make your photographs more memorable.
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