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A Few Simple tips to Gain Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is the key to healthy and strong teeth. When it comes to dental hygiene, most people think that brushing teeth is all they have to do but there are lots of other things to be paid attention to as well. Moreover, most of people don’t even know the right way to brush. Let’s have a look at some things required to achieve and maintain good health.

Proper Brushing
It’s very imperative to brush your teeth properly to keep them in perfect health. You need to keep your bristles at an angle of 45 degrees around the gum line in such a way that both the tooth surface and the gum line remain in contact with the bristles. Then start brushing with up and down motion. Do it very gently as harsh movements can cause bleeding. While cleaning the inside surface, you again need to place the bristles at 45 degrees but this time you have to move it in back and forth also along with up and down motion. To clean the inner surface of the front row, place the brush vertically and move it up and down. When you have to brush the biting surfaces, like molars, keep it in back and forth motion. And now comes the part which is usually ignored, brushing the tongue and the roof of the mouth. It’s very necessary to clean these areas to keep them free from bacteria. Build-up of bacteria in your mouth can cause bad breath which is to be avoided at any cost.
Selection of the Toothpaste
The type of toothpaste you use is a very big determinant of your oral health. The main substance of almost all the toothpastes is fluoride which keeps teeth strong and keeps tooth decay at bay. Usually people pay good attention to the brush but they don’t think much about the paste. It should strongly be avoided and use a good quality toothpaste.

Obviously brush can’t reach each and every part of your mouth. So flossing can be a good way to clean the place between the teeth. Whenever you eat, some food particles just stick in your teeth. Flossing is a very effective way to remove those food particles and ensure great oral health.

Eating Habits
“Don’t eat much of chocolates or your teeth will decay”, this is a sentence we all have heard thousands of times in our childhood. And it’s actually true that our eating habits play a very significant role in keeping our teeth healthy. Sugar-rich foods must be consumed within reasonable amounts.

Tea and Coffee Consumption
Drinking too much tea or coffee should strongly be avoided as it causes bad breath and makes the teeth yellow. In case you have to drink it, adopt a habit of rinsing your mouth with water after each time you drink these hot beverages.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption
People who smoke more are seen to be having bad breath and discolored teeth. Consumption of alcohol, on the other hand, leads to other dental problems. These habits can also lead you to various kinds of oral cancers. So you should keep such habits under control.

All the above tips can be very helpful in retaining good health of your teeth and gums. But in case you need any help with a dental problem which already has been occurred, you can have good dental assisting in Phoenix.

About the author:
Chris Brown is an expert in dental assisting and offers guidance and tips.
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