Monday, 30 January 2017

Reasons Why People “Need” To Get An IPhone 6

When it comes to smartphones, there’s just no denying that the iPhone remains to be the most popular. Even if Steve Jobs had already been replaced by lesser known executives and presenters — and consumer reports/studies have shown that there are smartphones from other brands that can easily outperform the latest model, the iPhone 6 — people still gravitate toward the iPhone. This was proven yet again not too long ago when queues upon queues gathered at their local iPhone dealerships when the latest model, the iPhone 6, was released.
According to retailers of this particular smartphone, a lot of customers simply “needed” to get an iPhone 6. Kuwait retailers point out six reasons why consumers remain loyal to the brand and just cannot be without the latest model:
  1. The latest iPhone is so sleek and well-designed, and that always appeals to the aesthetics of most folks.
  2. Apple has the strongest marketing strategies, and consumers always act advantageously toward brands that take their marketing very seriously. Marketing prowess is the edge of the brand every time it releases a new gadget — it’s what creates that long line of excited customers outside the flagship and retail stores.
  3. A lot of smartphone users started off with the iPhone and simply cannot shift to other brands or Android. They want something really familiar, so the only kind of upgrade they want is the upgrade to the latest iPhone model, which now is the iPhone 6.
  4. Apple is a reliable brand, and while its quality is challenged by leading competitors, buyers always believe that they’re getting the best value for their money whenever they opt for an iPhone. The earliest iPhones actually are still usable to many and maintain significant value, so consumers believe that should they decide not to go for an upgrade for a long time, their iPhone will not fail them, as far as functionality goes. Or, if they choose to sell it later on, they can demand a better price compared to other smartphone brands.
  5. The latest iPhone has new built-in features and people definitely want to try them out – can’t be left behind with something great and new. The iPhone 6 is said to have a much better camera as well, and this selfie-loving generation wants that. It’s the perfect compact gadget to have with you during travels.
  6. It’s a status symbol; anything Apple is a status symbol, and the majority of people like to invest in products that have the power to elevate their status in a relatively materialistic society — it may be a shallow perspective, but it’s true in many cases.
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Bob Josward is a tech savvy.  His interest in technology drives him to read and research about the latest. To share his thoughts, he writes and posts it on blogs. This site ( inspired him to write today’s article.
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