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Meals You Can Create Using A Camp Fire

Camping is indeed making a very strong comeback. Plenty of people today feel the need to relax and go back to the basics in order to prevent over-dependence on gadgets and other types of technology. With the roughing it aspect of camping, people are indeed learning that doing away with technology can somewhat be beneficial – they need to rely on their selves and be creative once again. They will learn that they have the ability to survive as well as thrive with the most basic things in life.
Among the components of camping that is challenging yet enjoyable for many is cooking. Without a gas burner along with other portable cooking devices, people have no option but to work with the camp fire. Well, plenty of people will actually realize that the dynamics and concepts are very must similar, except of course with the overall experience that will teach people more important values like ingenuity, patience, and a different level of appreciation.
If you are considering of trying out old-school camping and that you are looking forward to food preparation with the use of a camp fire, do not just think that you can only cook toasted marshmallows along with sausage sandwiches. You can definitely create a very satisfying meal that is as great as what you can when you are at home using your sophisticated cooking equipment.
Simple Camp Fire Recipes

Potato Soup – The most important aspect when it comes to easy camp fire cooking is to make use of instant ingredients creatively. For potato soup, you will need a small pack of instance mashed potatoes, a small pack of chicken broth, a small carton of milk, herbs, bacon, bouillon, some shredded cheese, and garlic. First thing you must do is to cook the bacon. Take note that you won’t need oil since the bacon will produce its own. When the bacon is cooked, remove it from the pot. Place the garlic in the pot and cook it until it shrivels a bit. Add water along with the milk and broth, and bring it to a boil. When it boils, you must add the bouillon and let it dissolve. After that, you must slowly add the instant mashed potatoes. But you must remember that you must gauge the right amount that will provide thickness to the soup; if not, you will be enjoying mashed potatoes instead. You have to constantly stir it and then add your chopped herbs until it will reach a thicker consistency. Before taking the pot off the heat, you must return the bacon. Stir it and top it with cheese.
Fried pork–All you need is enough oil for frying, pepper and salt to season the chops, rosemary, garlic and orange marmalade. Start by half-frying the pork chops. Once the meat turns white, take out the pork. Fry the garlic and rosemary and add the orange marmalade. You must stir it until everything is incorporated and then return the pork chips and cook it completely.
With adequate preparation, you can certainly come with a very satisfying camp food that every member of the family will enjoy.

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