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Chocolate Mousse Recipe That Pops

It’s light and soft, allowing your spoon to sink in without resistance as you scoop out a generous dollop of cold chocolate-y sweetness. There aren’t many things in life as delightful as a properly executed chocolate mousse. What makes it even better is that it’s quite easy to prepare. You generally don’t need a lot of ingredients if you’re making a basic mousse. In fact, search online and you can easily find a two-ingredient chocolate mousse recipe. There aren’t many steps to it either. It’s essentially melting chocolate with some milk or cream in a double boiler and stirring until everything’s all smooth. Don’t have a double boiler? You can use a makeshift one with a heatproof bowl over a pot of water.

That pretty much takes care of the chocolate mousse, but people often like to fancy up and complicate dishes, so many of us are more familiar with the chocolate mousse cake with a chocolate cake bottom, middle mousse layer, and the whipped cream top. Your kids would probably prefer the simple mousse and whipped cream combo. It’s just like pudding but fluffy instead of gooey.

There are actually so many ways to jazz up your basic chocolate mousse recipe that you can find ways to make your own signature version. The following are just some ideas on how to make your chocolate mousse more special.

How can you make your chocolate mousse pop?

1.      By applying nuances – You can add anything to complement or contrast with the flavours. Some good suggestions are double espresso, tea, liqueur, nut butter, maple syrup, Nutella, and Irish cream.
2.      By using completely different ingredients – Have you ever heard of a chocolate mousse with a tofu base? How about one with avocados and honey? People have used those ingredients with great results, so why not be inventive yourself? You can try experimenting with substitutes and find out which works for you.

3.      By adding toppings – The topping is more than just a garnish; it definitely influences the overall taste and experience as well. Some of the common options are grated dark chocolate, shaved white chocolate, berries, dried cherries, mint leaves, candy sprinkles, candied orange peel, and mini cookies.

As simple as it is, good chocolate mousse always provides a satisfying gastronomic experience, and you can take it up a few more notches by making it a little different yet a whole lot more special.

About the author:Karren Colstone works as a food critic. She specializes in making desserts; however, she also has a background in other types of food. She visits sites such as to gain more knowledge about the food industry. She shares what she learned through blogging/writing. 
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