Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beyond Dart Cases – Care And Maintenance Of Darts

Your darts are essentially your weapons for the game. Just as a master swordsman uses a whetstone to keep his blade sharp and ready for battle, you should also know how to maintain your darts and not simply put them in dart cases or in a dartboard cabinet when not in use. In an even match between two equally skilled opponents, your darts, just as much as your desire, can spell the outcome of the match.

Finding the right set of darts can be a difficult endeavour and can even take several years. Many dart players have managed to keep their local dart shop afloat in their quest for finding the right set of darts. But once you have found a suitable set, you have to learn how to care and maintain them. Here are some useful tips.

If you opt for soft tip darts, one important thing that you should know is that you need to replace them every now and then because they are prone to snapping and are less durable. Steel tip darts, on the other hand, need to be sharpened regularly to keep them in good condition. Steel tips tend to get dull and develop burrs. When this happens, you'll have a difficult time driving your darts through the dartboard and your bounce outs will rise exponentially. Ideally, the length of the tip should be at least an inch from the barrel. When it's past this point, have your tips replaced.

For many players, finding the right barrel is their holy grail. Once they have found the right one for them, they will almost never change the ones they use. However, this is the part of dart that is prone to accumulating debris of almost every kind, from food, perspiration, dust and whatnots. Fortunately, cleaning them is as easy as giving them a bath in mildly soapy water.

Plastic shafts are fairly cheap and can be easily replaced without burning a massive hole in your pocket. If you want to get more returns on your investment, you should screw them on tightly. Flight protectors can also be useful. As for aluminum shafts, investing in O-rings will allow them to keep them from getting loose.

Just like plastic shafts, flights are cheap and can be replaced on a more regular basis. However, if you want to ge    t more mileage out of them, it is advisable to use a dart case to store them. Flight protectors can also help. Additionally, each wing of a flight should have a 90 degree angle.

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