Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Staff Rostering Software: Mastering The Smarter Way to Manage Your Team

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is having an effective staff management strategy in place. If you belong to industries that require teams of people to get the job done right — hospitality (restaurants, bars and cafes), catering, call centres, event coordination, security, and such — it can be a significant challenge to keep track of everyone and regularly monitor their attendance and performance. 

If you have experienced manually creating schedules and assigning shifts to your team members, you'll know that this practice is not only time-consuming and quite costly, but also at high risk of human errors and miscalculations. A single person — or a few different people — taking charge of creating and coordinating shifts and leaves and relaying this information with the employees will surely experience failed communications at some point. Unfortunately, even a single occurrence of scheduling errors or committing mistakes in putting together employee records can mean substantial financial losses. An improperly filed vacation leave, a shift mix-up, or an unconfirmed shift change can result in unexpected staff shortages and messed-up wage records — and these always have negative effects on company performance and productivity.

Staff rostering software present an ideal solution that would help you save time normally wasted planning schedules and communicating with staff. This online roster system enables you to build an entire week's roster on a single screen — that's a much faster alternative to spending hours building schedules on traditional spreadsheets.

Other features of roster software are:

1. Simple communication with employees through SMS and email
There can be no more reason for misunderstandings and excuses. Now, you can send rosters, general messages and responses to one employee, a select group, or the entire list of people on the roster using texts or emails.

2. Detailed employee information records and communication history
Information on an employee's contact details, pay rates, preferred hours and banking details can all be kept in one place.

3. Easy roster costs computation
Your company can stay on budget when you have excellent software in place to present the correct hours and costs for each day. It can even show you projected and actual turnover as well as financial data grouped according to business unit.

You can make smarter use of company resources and effectively save time with rosters that are fully featured and easily accessible with a stable Internet connection. Making fewer mistakes means more efficiency and productivity, and more returns on your investment of money and time in managing your staff.

About the Author:
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