Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Learn Mosaic Crafting In Easy Steps

 Most people are attracted to mosaic. There is just something so clever and pretty about tiny little pieces coming together to form a big picture.  The craft is certainly a fascinating fusion of technique and whimsy.

Mosaic is basically any surface decoration that is created by arranging and affixing small pieces in a particular pattern. These pieces, often tiles, may be in different shapes and forms, but they’re definitely in different colors. Mosaic is the kind of craft that you think is probably something you can attempt, but you just don’t know how to go about it. If you’ve been wanting to learn mosaic crafting, here are a few things you need to know to get started.
Step 1: Pick or create your design.
Figure out the purpose and the size of your mosaic. For your first attempt, it’s best to go with something small and simple. It could be the edges of a picture frame, a hanging ornament, a coaster, etc. Later on, you may graduate to doing a table top, a shop sign, wall art, or even an entire garden pathway.
To create a design, you could try using a piece of card cut to the exact size that you expect your end product to be. By dividing the card into grids and colouring with pens, you can mark the spots where the mosaic tiles are to go. If you want an easier way to do it, you could also use a free online mosaic editor, which allows you to experiment with colours and patterns until you’re happy with your design, and then simply print it out.

Step 2: Get the materials you need for this particular project.
With a design to follow, you can then shop for the materials needed. For a beginner, a metal tool set, a mosaic mesh, adhesive, grout, and sealer are the stuff to begin with. As you pursue the hobby further, you may get a glass cutter and other more specialized tools as well. Think carefully what you will use for your mosaic tiles as they come in all sorts of materials – ceramic, glass, wood, etc.

Step 3: Start gluing.
Once you have the materials, you’re all set to start creating your piece. Following your design pattern, glue those tiles on your backing material. When you’re done, add the grout, let it set, and then seal.
Everybody can do mosaic, even little children. It’s a fun, engaging hobby, and you end up with cute and quirky pieces; there’s definitely a big chance of you getting hooked. Learn mosaic, and soon you may even be good enough to actually sell your creations.

About the Author: Yonex Sterno is a photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature along with the cherished moments happening in a person’s life. Yonex is also an artist and is fond of using captured images as excellent designs to certain things like mugs, shirt and more. Yonex is an avid fan of themosaicstore.com.au
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