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Web Design Agency — Dubai Companies’ Five Rules For Hiring Digital Design Firms

Several years back, the buzzword in Dubai website design was user participation. Digital design and communications agencies in the emirate figured that with customers and users being considered during the branding process of websites, companies could then maximize ROIs and implement business expansion with ease. Today, however, that valuable tool is no longer just a mere buzzword but an actual necessity for every business across the region.

With the changing trends in website design and the evolving behavior of consumers, your design agency has to be able to recognize and meet such developments. To help you choose the best Web design agency Dubai has to offer, consider the following five rules for hiring your digital design firm.

Rule no. 1 – The design agency’s website should reflect all the necessary components of a good website.
The Web design firm you are considering should have a good website. You do not necessarily have to love it though; it just has to contain the necessary components and feature emerging design trends that gain wide attention — from social media buttons to a mobile responsive layout. Note that there has to be a balance between aesthetics and information. So along with visual impact, your digital design agency’s website should also give you all the information and details you need as a potential client.

Rule no. 2 – Look for essential services that will guarantee satisfactory and successful results for your website.
Today’s website design agency should no longer just offer design and/or content development. Whether you are already an established business or a start up, you may need brand strategy and brand engagement as well as mobile apps development and social media strategies. Your design agency’s expertise and experience should encompass branding and digital disciplines.

Rule no. 3 – Your Web design agency should have a deep and thorough understanding of your business and company brand.
When consulting with the agency, you will want your creative team to ask questions about your business and brand identity before they actually come up with recommendations on development and design. Before all the essential components are conceptualized — from social media links to blog posts — the design agency should know more about your company: the services and products you offer, the management and all the staff and even your physical address or premises.

Rule no.4 – Your website design agency should not be using templates.
Granted, templates will make website development faster (and probably cheaper) but the design is not likely to echo your unique brand. A robust website design, built from scratch, will not only represent your brand but also generate a strong Return of Investment (ROI).

Rule no. 5 – Look for an impressive and diverse portfolio.
Finally, always take time to scrutinize previous works from past clients. If you find yourself navigating and exploring their past clients’ websites, then it is a pretty good sign that your own website is going to achieve the same sort of reaction from users.

Keeping the above rules or guidelines in mind will certainly help your company have a good, completely informative and enticing website.

About the Author:
Jessica Sommers is an IT consultant and freelance writer, interested on topics about the latest technology and anything internet related, especially website designs and creations and internet marketing strategies. She had inspiration for this article from
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