Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Data Group Email Append Services – Supplying The Missing Link In Your Marketing Chain

Email is a vital component in any online marketing campaign. It has been an effective promotional and networking tool since the early days of public Internet use, and its marketing function has continued to evolve as online marketing shifted to include other factors such as SEO and social media. It is extremely cost-efficient and most businesses largely rely on it for immediate and powerful results.

Nonetheless, there are some challenges in email marketing that need to be conquered in order for it to be effective. For instance, not knowing your current customers’ email addresses prevents you from nurturing an already existing relationship. In order to include them in your mailing list, you’ll have to contact them and bother them to give you their email addresses. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to get out of having to do this unpleasant task — by using an email append service.

Through the help of a company such as The Data Group, an innovative data services provider, you can obtain the latest and most accurate email addresses to add to your customer database. Its email append services begin with a search through multiple databases and records and over a billion 100% opt-in email addresses using the names and postal addresses you supply.

You can be confident about this service as The Data Group’s efforts have produced the highest match rates in the industry. It delivers fast results, allowing its clients to use them merely hours upon request. It offers 100% opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant returns as well as a free match test that’s available online. It also guarantees the most competitive rate in the market. Without a doubt, it provides a thoroughly efficient means to reach out to your customers with regularity.

The email append process involves four simple steps. First, your customer list will be run through the company’s massive databases, and then, upon finding matches, the most recent addresses are gathered and added to your customer file. After this, a customizable permission letter with an opt-in provision will be sent out to your customers. Finally, your updated file will be returned to you with 100% valid customer email addresses that you can include in your mailing list right away.

The email append service is just one of the clever solutions offered by The Data Group. It also provides other comprehensive and tailored services that help businesses meet their objectives. With help from The Data Group, online marketing efforts of your company are certain to be significantly improved. You can expand your marketing potential, increase your sales, and exponentially grow your business.

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