Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nifty Features Of Phone Systems Create More Profitable Opportunities For Business Enterprises

Over the last ten years, mobile technology has dramatically changed the way people went about their lives; even businesses were forced to adapt new changes to capitalize on how “connected” people have become.  Every person who has a smart phone or tablet PC can use different portals to communicate with loved ones, friends, and even business organizations; a person can connect using various Internet-based applications and the cooler advantage is he/she no longer has to worry about the cost of doing so. 

As for businesses, the technological breakthroughs for phone systems have allowed them to improve their brand of service.  Through the many functional features of their business phone systems, they can accomplish many of their daily objectives when it comes to serving their clients and partners, recording or gathering data to base improvement efforts on, securing all their data for business confidentiality, et cetera.

One of the capabilities of most phone system models these days is simultaneously catering to customer concerns that come in through the actual phone line, email, SMS, chat boxes, and their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  Since most people these days are logged into their social networking accounts, businesses have the opportunity to be where their market frequents, which is a strong tactic for marketing. Likewise, this nifty functionality provides the profitable advantage of increasing the productivity of customer service agents.

In addition to that, businesses can easily inject their marketing scheme for every call. Most of these phone systems can record marketing spiels and automatically play promotional messages whenever a connection is made. While agents are still busy wrapping up other calls, the “commercial” plays as the caller waits. On-hold marketing is an effective provision to inform customers about the latest promos or even to deliver important announcements (say, a new process to be implemented in the near future). Extra known benefit of this feature is it can reduce the boredom of callers as they wait for an agent to take their call.

Last but worthy of mention as well is the rise of cloud solutions.  According to tech experts, this new integration provides businesses a suite of features that lead to quick scalability and improved customer experience. Operation managers rave about how the cloud allows them to monitor their customer service agents’ performance (so the standard quality of work is guaranteed for all customers) without leaving the confines of their office. It’s no wonder a growing number of companies these days are investing in the cloud – it has proven effective in taking operations to a higher level of dynamism, efficiency, and profitability. 

Manufacturers are further exploring how they can expand the functionality of their phone systems using cloud applications to serve the evolving requirements of today’s competitive enterprises. Communications specialists say, the next two years are expected to usher in more improvements as far as communication technology is concerned, and business groups can surely look forward to benefiting greatly from them.

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