Monday, 11 November 2013

How Vehicle Trackers And Information Systems Offered By Private Agencies Are Vital To National Security

Many who watch TV shows like “NCIS” and “Homeland” are probably familiar with the complex policies or protocols surrounding national security. In many cases, catching one person who poses a threat to the safety of a nation requires an interworking of different security agencies that carry out unique aspects of the operation; these can include constant monitoring of or tracking the whereabouts of the threat, making sure that he will not be able to fly under the radar of authorities, leave the country to recruit other people, and secretly hone plans for destruction. Art has been quite en pointe in imitating life, but real life situations definitely always require greater intelligence, and there are more key players needed to contain or isolate danger so as not to affect innocent citizens. For all these operations, a country’s armed forces do not only rely on their own intelligence groups and programs; they also turn to the services of private organisations with experts who develop infrastructure, information systems and technology for national security. 

Over the years, working with such groups has managed to make operations quicker to implement and complete. These private organisations are known to offer various solutions for effective C4i systems (C4i stands for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence). Examples of C4i are different vehicle trackers systems (that monitor vehicle movement in real time and calculate time of arrival at specific destinations, determine engine status, etc.), port and maritime security, border systems, journey management, and so much more – all crucial components of maintaining national safety and security. They work closely with authorities to reinforce the military’s own methods with their solutions and ensure that operations are carried out with utmost efficacy and efficiency.

National security is a long-term goal, especially nowadays when so many leftist or terrorist groups pop up and have members that can easily blend into presumably “safe” communities. Therefore, it’s imperative for a country’s military groups to aggressively exploit various technologies and work hand in hand with private security agencies that never stop in creating, developing and exploring new ways of utilizing them to serve this long-term goal.

Doing this will allow them to effectively implement strategically timely decisions that take into account and address all quantifiable aspects of operations. With all of them doing their bit, potentially massive dangerous events (such as the 9/11 and the Boston Marathon incidents) can be prevented and threatening personalities or entities will be apprehended.

About the author:
Bob Josward is an IT specialist by profession and a content creator by passion. He is much drawn to technology and is a tech savvy.  By frequently visiting websites like, he is able to learn the latest trends about technological advances.
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