Friday, 15 November 2013

How To Manage Employees — The Cost-Effective And Stress-Free Way

Part-time. Full-time. Shifts. Every organization will call for different systems to match its operations. Some companies will need full-time staff to cover business hours while others will need casual employees to come in to boost staff levels and meet the volume of business. Handling everyone’s schedule and making sure all employees are able to fulfill the needs of the business requires meticulous management skills and extensive understanding of how proper rostering can affect the company’s bottom line.

Time is Money
When you manage employees, whether as the boss of your own company or as a supervisor of someone else’s company, you need to be able to come up with an effective roster, or employee schedule. It sounds like an easy enough jobs to do but rostering is more than just assigning an employee to a shift. It’s also about recognizing the specific roles required in each shift ensuring productivity, all the while considering critical factors such as leaves, absences, and health and safety policies regarding shifts and fatigue.

When a mistake is made, like when you’ve scheduled way too many employees in a single shift, it will cost your business money. In the same way, when a shift is understaffed, you risk losing revenue and, in the most extreme case, jeopardize your company’s reputation with customers. Another rostering mistake that will cost you money is blowing your budget for employee cost in a specific shift.

Technology Can Bring Efficiency and Simplicity
Today, all rostering mistakes can be eliminated when you choose a reliable roster and scheduling software. You don’t need to trouble yourself with confusing spreadsheets. When you use the right software, you’ll be able to create an entire week’s roster without losing your mind, by easily accessing employee information. You’ll be able to share the roster and include a general message to all employees using SMS and email, and receive quick responses, thus eliminating miscommunication. And you’ll also be able to calculate costs on employee hours and set business unit costs, allowing you to stay within budget.

Using software to create and share your company’s roster will not only enable you to cut rostering costs, but also help you come up with quick but informed decisions. It’s really more than just a tool to manage your employees’ schedules. It’s actually more of a workforce management solution that lets you determine what’s best for certain departments and shifts, and gives you compelling data to project or anticipate future needs.

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