Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How To Choose The Fishing Charter Cairns Has To Offer

Lovely, warm weather for the greater part of the year. Cool, tropical waters filled with exotic marine life. And prized fish just waiting to be caught. It’s no wonder then that Cairns is considered as one of the top destinations for fishing.

So there will be lots of fishing companies or touring companies offering fishing charters. Some will be more expensive than others. Other charters will be more suitable for hobbyists as opposed to serious anglers. So you’ll want to take your time picking out the ideal fishing charter Cairns has to offer by considering a few things other than your budget.

If you’re looking to catch a specific fish like the quinnat salmon or the mangrove jack, you need to look up the best months for fishing. Most species of fish will have a season when they are in abundance. Fishing for quinnat salmon, according to the Cairns sportfish season guide, is best during January to March while the mangrove jack is in season from May to December.

Make sure that the fishing charter you choose offers expert guided service. Your guide’s expertise shouldn’t be limited to knowing the best fishing spots and at which times (dawn or dusk) to fish. Your guide’s knowledge should also extend to locally recognised rules. For instance, if you’re angling for barramundi, Australia’s native, elusive fish and a sought after catch, and you happen to catch one during breeding season, you need to release it back into the water unharmed.

You should also make sure that your fishing charter is inclusive of tackle, bait, hand lines, with tea and meals throughout the day. So you won’t have to worry about leaving your equipment or be bothered with bringing a picnic basket along. All you have to do is show up bright and early, and look forward to catching some pretty awesome fish.

Don’t forget to take a look at the boat you’re going to be using for the day as well. If you’re fishing on your own, a boat for three people would be ideal. If you’re taking the whole family along, you’ll need to get a bigger boat so everyone’s comfortable.

For those looking to angle in isolated spots where no motorised boats have ever gone, you might want to consider a different kind of fishing charter — so different you’ll need a helicopter to get to the fishing secret spot. As an alternative to chartered boats, why not consider helifishing? You’ll be taken to some of the more remote fishing spots in Cairns by a helicopter, and be able to boast to friends and family when you come home and show them pictures, “I’m the only one who caught anything” — quite literally.

Fishing is one of the remarkable and relaxing ways to experience Cairns. So go right ahead and charter a boat. Head out to the water and catch a few seasonal fish. 

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Mildred Grace is a traveler. She also writes articles about traveling tips and guide, tradition and culture, landscapes and other articles that can help individuals find places to visit. She also recommends www.tropicalexperience.com.au for you to know more about amazing attractions and activities in Australia.
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