Friday, 22 November 2013

Government-Funded Courses Attract A New Breed Of Students

While Australia has made great developments in its education programmes in the last 15 years, there is still a large percentage of high school graduates that forgoes studying in university for “specialised education.” Many opt to join the workforce right away or join their family businesses instead of pursuing higher learning which will help secure more career opportunities for them in the future. A lot of young Aussies continue to live with this type of mentality, but the slightly older generation is learning to appreciate the advantage of proper academic training.

Despite work and family demands, men and women in their 30s and 40s are actually going back (or rather going for the first time) to university knowing that gaining solid academic credibility will allow them to tread a more lucrative path as far as their careers are concerned. Faced with more employment opportunities, they can select the one that will more than sufficiently support the kind of life they want. It’s rather amazing to witness the balancing act performed by these older learners, but more impressive is their determination especially since many of them make it work even if it takes them a longer time to complete traditional schooling.

Understanding that a lot of Australians have this great passion to learn and make themselves better, the government has come up with non-traditional learning programmes for them to be able to obtain academic qualifications for the profession they wish to pursue. There are government-funded courses that are not only more affordable (compared to standard university tuition) to sign up for (there are students who are even fully financially supported by the government), but they are also designed to fit into the busy lives of students who already juggle full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

The government-funded courses QLD folks can sign up for can be completed at a more relaxed pace, which is definitely a big advantage for non-traditional learners. Aside from this, the lessons are presented in the most comprehensive manner; the relevance of the principles taught are established right away, but the best part is that completing these courses provides “graduates” nationally recognized Certificates II, III and IV as well as certified diplomas to prove expertise in and eligibility for top-tier jobs in various industries.

Worth pointing out as well is how all government-funded training programmes are conducted by qualified instructors who are established experts in their fields so students can be sure that despite the non-traditional setting of classes, they are receiving the best quality of education.

With these provisions, it’s never too late indeed for people to make that change for the better and become the accomplished professionals that they have always wanted to be. 
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Calvin John Mcphee is an educational consultant by profession who specializes in teaching students who have learning disabilities, students who have behavioral or emotional difficulties as well as those who are seeking for a private secondary tutor
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