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Choosing Istanbul for Christmas Holidays Destination

Istanbul is a magnificent place and one of the biggest cities of Turkey. It is not the capital of Turkey but it is considered the economical capital of Turkey. Turkey is one of the oldest cities of world. The city was known as Constantinople before it got its name of Istanbul in modern times. Many of the European writers still opt for calling Istanbul by its historical names of Constantinople. The city has served as capital of many empires from the history. It is believed that Istanbul region was the capital of Ottoman, Latin, Byzantine and Roman empires. It was founded by Constantine the Great and thus was named after him in 330 AD. The city of Istanbul has many structures of historic significance. The ruins of buildings are from many of these past empires. These structures are famous among many and people love having their images printed on metal prints for decoration purposes.

Istanbul is a Muslim majority city but has many churches and prayers place of other religions. Istanbul has transformed into a very multicultural society. People from all around Europe and Asia have made it a base for their business activities. Turkey’s city of Istanbul is considered to be the gate into Europe and Asia. Istanbul city is divided into two parts one of the parts is considered to be in Asia and the other part in Europe. The city is divided by the Marmara Sea and is a major route used by the ships for reaching countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. Because of all these factors, Istanbul has quite a big population of Christian residents and every year quite a good amount of Christian tourists visit the city. Though the tourism goes on all around the city, but the December season is the most visited by the European tourists.

Istanbul is not that expensive place to have holidays at. The place offers wide range of hotels to choose from with price range of expensive to very cheap as well. The city has two airports of international standards and international flights operate from both of these airports. ‘Sabiha’ airport is a bit tough to reach if you are a tourist but from famous places like ‘Taksim’ and ‘Kadikoy’ Bus service for this airport operates on designated times. Ata Turk Airport is far easier in terms of traveling to and from; the airport has a metro station of train which takes travelers directly into the city at a center point from which one can easily get to their destinations.

The city has a very organized transport system and very economical as well. There are day and week passes available for ease of tourists. Apart from bus service there are ferry service to cross from Asian to European side and tram as well taking tourist through the historic city having palaces, museums and mosques on both sides. The European part holds all the major historic attractions like:
Aya Sofya
Basilica Cistern
Topkapi Palace
Galata Tower
Blue Mosque
Apart from these places, there are many other archeology related museums one might be interested to visit. The city of Istanbul has special events for Christmas time as well. The whole ‘Taksim’ street is decorated with lights and signs of welcoming Christmas day that is celebrated by the Christians around the world. The night life of Istanbul is worth having a go at during these Christmas and New Year Holidays. The snow makes it even more beautiful and in fact brings everyone in the mood of Christmas spirit. Turkish people are very caring and loving. The way they welcome everyone and share their happiness with the visitors, makes one’s trip even more pleasant.

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