Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Benefits Of Investing In High Quality Headsets

Productivity has become the Holy Grail of many businesses. It can mean quite a number of things to business owners, managers and their staff, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to effectiveness and efficiency. Strategies for achieving or boosting these can vary, from clearly defining goals and objectives to motivating staff, from strategic rotation to other good HR practices, and even equipping employees with the right tools for performing tasks.

 Using headsets is a quick and cost-effective means to achieve productivity in the workplace. Apart from that, the headsets can offer several benefits for users.

 The most obvious benefit of using an office headphone is the improvement in sound quality. Whether your personnel is following up on a supplier or trying to resolve an issue with a customer, a headphone facilitates clear communication between both parties at either end of the telephone line. Some headphones are equipped with amplifiers which allow the user to increase the volume of the sound. In addition, some headsets use noise cancelling technology which helps minimise background noise — perfect for offices with a high level of background noise.

 Among the common woes reported by employees who spend a lot of time answering calls are shoulder discomfort and neck pains. One reason for this is that they typically cradle the phone's headset between their ears and shoulder to allow them to perform other tasks like typing and browsing the computer while answering calls. According to a study conducted by the Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, using a headset can reduce the incidence of neck, shoulder and upper back pain by as much as 41%. In turn, this can result in decreased absenteeism among staff, and as for business owners, this can translate to reduced compensation costs for workers.

 Using a headphone can also translate to a safer working environment, particularly when the cordless variety is used. With fewer wires to get tangled up in, an employee can move more freely.

Finally, headsets can contribute to greater productivity. With their hands free from holding the telephone's headset, employees can comfortably do other tasks while answering the phone like looking for files on the computer, taking notes, and in the case of wireless headsets, head over to the next office to retrieve a file folder.

Productivity gurus offer a host of solutions for business owners. However, investing in a headset for office staff can prove to be a cost-efficient way to boost productivity, safety and wellness in the office.

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