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Delicious Ideas For Using Tasmanian Cherries In Mains, Drinks And Desserts

They are quite the irresistible fruit. In spite of their diminutive size, cherries also pack quite a powerful, healthy punch — not just flavour. Cherries are high in antioxidants, making them the natural choice for reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Cherries also contain melatonin, which can fight the ageing process. They are also high in vitamin C, with sour cherries reportedly containing more of the vitamin than sweet cherries. And if those are not enough to get you craving for Tasmanian cherries right this very moment, these delicious ideas might just leave you wanting for more.

For Starters
Cherries make perfect additions to dishes and they also make a rocking main element, which means they should always be freshly stocked in your kitchen. You can pair cherries with meats such as duck, like a roast duck with cherry and port sauce. Pork tenderloin also goes well with the sweetness of Australian cherries. You can grill the pork and pair it with cherry salsa on the side or mixed in a meaty wrap.

Alternately, if you are looking to serve salads and want more character with the traditional greens, you can use crispy duck in it and add the cherries as festive treats. If you are serving cherries for a summer barbie, you could try a wild rice and quinoa salad with sweet cherries. You can add texture to the delightful starter by tossing in toasted pecans.

Down the Hatch
Most people who buy cherries might immediately use the sweet fruit in drinks like summery shakes. Why not make a proper cocktail? You can do a mint-infused cherry smash with dark rum, bit of sugar, and lime juice. Don’t like rum? Try bourbon with ginger ale, dark brown sugar, and whole cherries. Prefer gin? Then go with a cherry lime gin rickey and combine bitters, simple syrup, lime juice, with cherries and gin.

Sweet Endings
To end a lip-smacking good meal, use cherries in dessert. Jamie Oliver likes to use cherries for gooey brownies because cherries and chocolate make a proper marriage. You can do a chocolate cherry cheesecake or a cherry, dark chocolate, and almond bread pudding. You can bake a dark cherry rhubarb crumble. You can also try a classic cherry pie.

But you do not always have to go with the saccharine sweet, doughy, heavy dessert. You can make your own sorbet using cherries. Online shops offer a mix of varieties, from the dark and sweet Stella to the crunchy red sweet flesh of Sweetheart. Ask your cherry grower which varieties might be best for certain desserts.

About the Author:
Karren Colstone works as a food critic. She has been in this field for several     years now. Her specialty is in desserts but she also has a background in other types of culinary art. When she is not writing, she maintains a blog about food. She shares her experiences in dining at different kinds of restaurants. Furthermore, she imparts her knowledge about food catering and preparation to her readers. She recommends Tasmanian cherries from Somercotes as a healthy and tasty food ingredient.
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