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What All Should You Look into While Purchasing a Used Forklift?

If you have a limited budget but still are need in need of a weight lifting machine then purchasing a used forklift in not a bad idea! It really makes sense to shop around for a used or refurbished lift and save on money to buy other items. There are quite a few places where you can look for and purchase a used forklift. Although they may be used, yet relatively they are mostly in good condition and can offer you fine operation for considerable number of years. The only issue or doubt that you may have in mind that since you are purchasing a used one so you may not get one in a perfect condition however if you know what all you need to look into then the forklift can operate to your satisfaction and give you its money’s worth.

Considering the overall size:
First and foremost, you need to determine the kind of weights that you need towing from one place to another and then consider going for an appropriate forklift. This is also known as the rated capacity of the lift. While small forklifts have the capability of lifting smaller weights the bigger ones can lift significant weight or larger sized items. If you really want to use the forklift for a number of years then it is imperative that you stick to the weight capacity as recommended for the lift and do not exceed it. Any overload would call for repair work and expensive maintenance. Lifting large weights using a smaller forklift can also cause significant damage to the lift and the weights or goods can also fall from a height thus causing damage to the good or item and anyone nearby.

Considering the overall height:
You need to determine to what height you expect the used forklift to lift the weight for you. Yet again bigger ones have a higher reach and you can arrange things in a warehouse more easily and with minimum hassles. On the contrary, if you wish to transport items on say a shop floor then it makes sense to go for a small forklift. Also, do not forget to consider the entrance of your building while going for a forklift. Since you need to get the machine inside the building so do ensure that the entrance has significant height.

 Considering the attachments that come along with the machine:
While going for a used forklift, you may need certain accessories and/or attachments that can help enhance the efficiency of the lift and do certain jobs faster and much safer. Examples like carton clamps, battery retrievers, side shifters and drum handler can go best with your forklift. Do make a list of what all can be useful as per your budget and need.

Considering warranty and maintenance:
As with any other item, you would require some amount of warranty on the used forklift that you purchase. Usually, a year or approximately 2,000 hours of operation is a standard warranty that most dealers offer. Quite a few dealers may even offer extended warranty but for an additional cost. Make sure that you do read the fine lines and then decide if you want to go for the forklift or not. Finally, since the used forklift may have cost you a fortune so do remember to have it serviced and routinely checked for efficient operations. A brand new one requires service nearly every 3 months and that is if it used moderately. So, this gives you a vague idea as to how often you should get your used one serviced if you want it to operate to your expectations.

Looking for a forklift nowadays is no big deal. You can search for one online and also get to know the condition and how old it is. There are many folks who tend to sell their forklift online so you can easily strike a deal with them.

About the author:
Michael Anderson has been associated in the field of forklifts and more and offers guidance and what all to look into while purchasing boom lifts, scissor lifts and more..
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