Monday, 2 September 2013

Three Killer Tips For Hosting A Murder Mystery Party

The butler did it. There should be more to murder mysteries than the clichéd culprit. Solving a whodunit has become a popular option for themed parties and as an exciting interactive game at dinner functions. Families, social groups, and corporate organizations can use the exceptionally fun party theme to make events very memorable. If you are looking to host your very own murder mystery party, consider these three killer tips for presenting one murderously good event.

1. Make arrangements way in advance, before the murder mystery event.
The best part about murder mysteries is that your guests can take on any interesting character, and to make sure that everyone stays in character, you need to prepare them ahead of time. You need to designate characters to each guest. You need to send them dossiers on their characters (e.g., background, special skills, or objectives). And you need to give them information about the crime.

The advance arrangement will also allow your guests to prepare their costumes — because murder mystery parties are better with costumes. You might also want to inform them if they need to bring notepads and pens or if you will be providing them, so they can write down clues or the possible suspects as the mystery unfolds.

2. Do a game theme to set the tone.
Make your murder mystery parties even more exciting by considering options for a theme. You can consider an exotic theme with ancient Egypt as your scene. You could also try a kind of James Bond theme and get a proper casino hire to do your set. You can also try holiday themed murder mysteries or era-specific parties (e.g., the jazz age in the ‘30s, mod ‘60s, or the Victorian era).

3. Hire a specialist in themed parties.
Organizing a regular party is stressful enough. Arranging a themed party, like murder mysteries, is even more stressful because of the many elements involved. Why not save yourself the pressure by hiring a specialist in themed events? This way, your murder mysteries can be as elaborate as a two-day affair set in an era that requires ornate costumes.

But aside from saving yourself the trouble of having to put together such a complex party, a specialist in themed parties will also give you access to good actors to include in your event and a script that could rival any good murder mystery.

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