Monday, 9 September 2013

Netball Competitions – Melbourne Women Gain Empowerment Through The Sport

A lot of the common issues women deal with nowadays are concentrated on physical, emotional and psychological health. Due to the growing demands on their time as professionals or as full-time homemakers, they tend to overlook how their daily routine impacts their overall health. Oftentimes, in an attempt to accomplish all the daily responsibilities, they no longer think of “quality” and their own personal development, and over time, these make them quite vulnerable to detrimental emotions and stress.

One of the effective solutions that health experts offer to women who suffer from this imbalanced lifestyle is to try a team sport. First of all, it’s a fun recreational and social activity – it will expose them to like-minded people who can inspire them or from whom they can get encouragement. Second, it’s a great way to discover what their mind and body can do to achieve an important goal. Third, sports develop healthy competitive and strategic thinking which can be applied in other life challenges or situations. And fourth, it’s an effective workout that can improve energy, stamina (both highly necessary, especially for mothers who juggle housework and have exuberant young children they need to keep up with), and best of all, their figure, for nothing boosts women’s confidence better than having a body that looks good in most flattering outfits.

For those who are looking for a sport that yields all these important benefits, one cool recommendation is social netball. Melbourne actually has a growing number of local teams and they are open to new members that they can train for friendly competitions. So whether one has experience or nil, it’s not going to be a problem because most of the netball clubs in Melbourne are more than enthusiastic to have new recruits or applicants that they can train with and groom for netball competitions. Melbourne local teams typically have weekly trainings and regular meets that often attract sport enthusiasts or fans who enjoy the game’s high energy and unique dynamics.

Women (who, for most of their lives, have to put others’ needs first instead of their own) will surely benefit from the strong standards of the game (fair play is the only way). They can develop stronger moral values and a deeper understanding, and even appreciation, of the roles they play within the game and in life. Likewise, they get to cultivate the right attitude to help them achieve the most favorable results out of their efforts. On top of these, they are provided a great avenue for relieving stress and exploring their physical and mental abilities beyond the usual context of their jobs in the office or at home. They get to see themselves differently; they are not just career women, mothers, or wives, but rather they are also physically and mentally strong women who are able to enjoy themselves and are ready to take on the different challenges life may present.

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Henry Briggs is a freelance writer and sports enthusiast. He usually spends his time reading about and trying out different sporting activities. He uses his skill in writing to share his knowledge and experience to readers and other sports fans who are just as passionate as he is. is one of his resources.
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