Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Electricity theft and its effects

Electricity is a very vital part of our lives. We cannot live without it and perhaps it is one of the greatest scientific discoveries man has ever made. Being a vital requirement for survival we need to conserve it as it will always be required .However in recent times we have found that corruption has taken over and there are regular instances of electricity thefts. It is always a wise decision to have a service provider who will help out in any emergency related to electrical repairs. It can be a rather difficult situation if we do not hire a trustworthy agency to take care of this concern.

 Service providers such as Mister Sparky are agencies which are reliable. Various such reliable service providers are available and we need to check out for them in the internet and keep their contact information ready. While selecting the correct agency we should keep in mind what exact services do they provide, what guarantees do they offer and finally their fees should be as per our budget.
We should always have some basic ideas of electricity and about the various electrical gadgets we use in our homes. We should understand and be conscious about their use and misuse.

As already mentioned we need to hire a trustworthy agency and this so because they will have well trained professionals who are updated with the latest technology and thus will take care of the job efficiently. Once we have a proper professional to do the job we can of course have an exact idea of any theft or illegal use of electricity. Each home or establishment is allowed a certain use of electricity but there are large corrupt practices that happen and there is regular theft of electricity. People do this so that they can save on the taxes they pay to the government. So once we hire a professional to check into our wiring we should also advise him to check if there is any misuse of electricity happening and if there is evidence, the concern should be taken care of right then by reporting to the concerned authority. The problem gets fixed right away. It is the duty of each and every individual to take care and try their best to prevent theft and misuse of electricity. So it is really worth it to hire a good agency to take care of any work related to electricity in our homes. Good agencies are responsible and honest and thus on an overall situation we become good reliable citizens to the nation.

It is also the duty of the government to keep a strict vigil on the theft and illegal use of electricity. There should be regular investigations and checking done from their end. And a proper department should be there to assist when people complain of theft and misuse and the grievance should be immediately taken care of. This will give everyone a complete peace of mind. Each one should have an honest approach and take care of this rising issue of electricity theft. A regular maintenance is required so that the wiring and all gadgets in the home are functioning properly and there is no leakage or any other electrical error that can result in over consumption. Once we can save the electricity consumption in our homes, we can then take the step to check out for evidences of misuse and theft. It will require an active participation of all individuals to address such problems. The government should have strict rules and there should be proper fines and strict measures taken on those who are involved in the process of theft of electricity. The laws of the country should be strict enough and as dutiful citizens we should keep them in mind and this is the best way to avoid any malpractices.

It is evident that technology is developing fast and we are surviving in a world where corruption, recession and competition are predominant. However awareness and sense of responsibility can make things better. This is what we all seek and need to achieve so that we can thrive in abundance without any hindrances to progress and success so that we can always provide a safe and secure future for the generations to come.

About The Author:-
Alex Willson is Electricity Consultant in Riverside. He has 6+ Years of experience as electrician Consultant and has worked with many Firms in California. Here he is sharing his views on Electricity theft and about its effects.
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