Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dry Your Entire Household’s Laundry On A Fixed Steel Rotary Clothesline

The American news magazine show “Inside Edition” once featured potential fire hazards in the home, and one of these fire hazards turned out to be one of the most convenient appliances ever created – the clothes dryer. Who’d have thought that not cleaning out the lint catcher or the wrong placement of the machine can be the cause of a massive fire? Another issue that many households have with clothes dryers is the mysterious disappearance of small laundry items like socks and underwear. Some outrageous reports revealed that these items have either shrunk to the size of lint or gotten tattered in the process of drying and turned into lint.  With these reports, it’s no wonder more and more households are opting for the traditional and safer option – the clothesline.

If you have enough backyard space, you can create one long, solid clothesline to hang all your clothes on. Your backyard will look like it has big and oddly-shaped bunting across it — very country-retro. But if that’s not exactly the look that you want for your backyard or you don’t really have that much space for a durable long line to hold your entire family’s laundry while the weather is ideal for sun-drying, there are easy-to-install clotheslines that you can purchase such as the fixed steel rotary clothesline.

What’s particularly nice about this clothesline, aside from being very durable and compact, is that it can really hold a lot of laundry. If you would be strategic in hanging all the pieces of clothing, you’ll find that all the clothes that you need to dry can be hung at the same time and in a matter of hours, especially on a hot day, they will all be dry and ready for folding. The best thing here is that you did not have to use electricity for it, so you actually get to do your bit for the environment. On top of that, because of its structural proportions and design (which resemble a really big umbrella), once you’re done with it for the purpose of drying clothes, you can still use it for other purposes. Some people cover it with a thick cloth and they instantly get a mini-cabana, perfect for afternoon cold tea.

Lastly, this particular clothesline design is weather-resistant so it’s safe to keep out all year round. You may also choose from the different sizes available so you’ll have one that’s just right for the size of your household and the space you have at home.

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